The organization of the show is explained

L’organisation du spectacle s’explique

The producer of the show, All of Quebec, in unison, Sylvain Parent-Bédard, is a great pity that the controversy surrounding the fleurdelisé to the national holiday to take place.

“This debate-there occult of all the work that has been performed by nearly 300 artists and craftsmen who have worked tirelessly for weeks to ensure that all of Quebec is a great national holiday,” he said. Despite all the constraints we had, due to the pandemic and public health, I think it’s necessary to acknowledge the talent and commitment of these designers and artists-there. “

Saying that he himself is ” pro-flag, pro-fleur-de-lys “, the president and founder of SISMYK mentions that the organization has not wanted to spread the fleurdelisé of the celebrations.

“It was thought to incorporate the fleur-de-lys in the decorations such as masks and glasses,” he said. But it is true that the crowd holding flags we missed in the time of a pandemic. “

Crowd and flags

The producer indicates that, in normal times, the 50,000 spectators that attend the show of the national day of brandish all, in large part, with the flags of Quebec. “In design meetings, there is no one who has said that since there would not be 50,000 people this time, there should be a way to put 50 000 flags. We have not thought of it. “

“In a national holiday, there are symbols, says Sylvain Parent-Bédard. The flag is one that deserves a presence. But there has been full of strong symbols throughout the show that were focused on the national pride. […] National pride was present in the narrative, in speeches and in songs. I think that it has been embodied by artists of talent. You can’t deny it. “

“It is clear that if I had to redo an event such as this one, without a crowd, I would find maybe a way to make the flag more prominent,” continues the producer. […] The flag has not been removed. It has never been asked not to bring flags, no one has ever asked absolutely nothing of it. “

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