The original productions of three farmers in Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas

The original productions of three farmers in Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas

Gwladys Mahric, Mireille Boussac et Marie Perriquet (de gauche à droite) travaillent au pied du cirque du bout du monde. Cyprien Delobette

Rencontre avec trois exploitantes qui participent à l'opération "De ferme en ferme" et font découvrir leurs productions originales. 

Will Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas become the agricultural capital of Lodévois ? We have to believe it, since the small town is home to three of the four farms in the area participating in the operation &quot ;From farm to farm! We should even talk more specifically about the hamlet of Gourgas, since it is here that the three participating farmers open their doors to the curious and lovers of local products.

Peppers, sorbets and saffron

However, none is from Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas and all arrived at agriculture by circuitous paths: "For my part, I am a hotelier by profession&nbsp ;! smiles Gwladys Marhic, who founded "Les chilies du bout du monde". I first planted peppers for my personal consumption, because I had a lot of difficulty obtaining them. I then started giving some to my friends, then selling part of my harvest. Today, I produce all types of peppers that I sell fresh, dried or processed." 

But for those who feel put off by the spiciness, don't panic! They can always turn to Marie Perriquet who, for her part, makes sweet artisanal sorbets: “I grow all kinds of red fruits (strawberries, redcurrants…) which I then process myself, specifies the farmer. I mainly prepare sorbets but also other products such as jams, which I sell mainly in the summer, at the many markets." 

A market at the foot of the circus

You should in fact know that the small hamlet of Gourgas hosts a summer market, because the town has many other farms. Including for example that of Mireille Boussac, who also participates in the course "From farm to farm”. She grows saffron which she then sublimes into jams or delicious gingerbread. However, nothing predestined her to come and settle in Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas: "My original job is postwoman! she confides. Living in Montpellier with my husband, one day we came for a walk in Gourgas. And we never left again." 

It must be said that with the circus at the end of the world, the place does not lack charm. Moreover, Mireille Boussac simply named her company "Au bout du monde". The three farmers have also planned to gather at the foot of the rocks to best welcome visitors. The Lodevois caterer "l’Convoluted" will offer a farm meal for the hungriest. But for those who are impatient, Marie Perriquet is already organizing a first visit to her farm, entitled "Plein fruit", on April 18, to discover, from the field to the workshop, the secrets of making her sorbets …

Contact: Chili peppers at the end of the world, 06 60 81 89 70; Full fruit, 07 61 22 26 30; At the end of the world, 04 67 88 10 14.

Discovering the farms of the Heart of Hérault

For several years now, the “Farm to Farm” operation has allowed as many people as possible to open the doors of farms. The principle is simple: over the course of a weekend, all farmers who wish to welcome visitors, who can go to the farms and visit different types of agriculture. . In addition to the three producers from Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas, more than seven other farmers or breeders are participating in the operation in Lodévois/Larzac and the Hérault valley.

The productions are as diverse as they are varied: for example at Petits sabots in Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière, where they offer soaps and cosmetics made from donkey milk. In Aspiran, the Garrigues estate cultivates CBD hemp, while in the neighboring town of Paulhan, Mas Nicolas is a mixed-culture farm which produces varieties of ancient wheat in particular. The Gignacois are, for their part, more classic with olive oil from the Mas Palat mill and wine from Clos d’Elis. In La Boissière, the Pigs des Agriolles establishment, as its name suggests, specializes in pork and charcuterie. Finally, the Hort farm, in Argelliers, raises goats by transforming the milk into all kinds of products including of course delicious cheeses… All these farms will open their doors to you during these two days to help you discover all the facets of their profession. The hardest part will be choosing!

"From farm to farm", Saturday April 27 and Sunday April 28. More information on or on 04 67 06 23 37. I subscribe to read more

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