“The other six teams aspire to the Stanley Cup” – Pierre Dorion

“The other six teams aspire to the Stanley Cup” – Pierre Dorion

The Ottawa Senators are realistic. While the team is in the process of rebuilding, the goal is to play spoilers in the North Division.

“There will be no easy game this season. The other six teams aspire to the Stanley Cup and we want to surprise them, ”said Pierre Dorion in an interview with JiC on Monday. VAT Sports.

The Senators general manager knows full well that his training, on paper, is not of the same caliber as those of other teams in his division. Could he be tempted to make a last minute addition?

The teams must complete their roster by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday and several interesting players are currently on waivers, including the Canadiens’ Corey Perry.

Asked if he could claim the attacker, Dorion replied with a touch of humor: “You should never send a jab to Marc Bergevin, because if he hits me back, it is me who will be on the ground.”

“Several good players are on waivers. I had long calls with our recruiters and we will make a decision soon, ”added the GM of the Senators more seriously.

All eyes on Stuetzle

Dorion has added several new faces to its squad during the offseason. Matt Murray, Alex Galchenyuk, Cédric Paquette, Evgenii Dadonov are all notably new additions in the nation’s capital.

But one name comes up in the discussions in Ottawa, that of Tim Stuetzle. The German striker opened his eyes during his stint at the World Junior Hockey Championship.

“Our fans are going to be lucky to see him in action this year. He is a dynamic and electrifying player. He has exceptional talent and great speed, ”praised Dorion of his first-round pick in 2020.

Without captain

For a third straight season, the Senators will play without a captain. No player has played this role since Erik Karlsson left for San Jose.

However, the Ottawa formation relies on several young people who could wear the “C”.

“Everyone knows what it will be between Chabot and Tkachuk. Both showed great skills as a future captain. We want it to be natural and not impose it on anyone, ”Dorion explained.

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