The other vaccine

L’autre vaccin

Health should always come before money. It goes without saying. But it remains that the economy is without a doubt, the most important collateral damage caused by the confinement.

For some companies, the paralysis was extremely painful. For others, it was fatal, or will be soon.


Today, the political elites of all levels of government, but especially in Ottawa, are redoubling their imagination to concoct programs and subsidies that are supposed to boost the economy or, at least, to prevent it from sinking further.

These government subsidies are particularly generous. They are now in the hundreds of billions. But it does not resume an economy to blows programs grandiloquents and public spending blind.

First, because aid open the door to all the abuses and even fraud and corruption.

Then, because they benefit greatly, some enterprises to the neglect of others. In this case, there are those that enjoy preferential treatment such as Cirque du Soleil or other “jewels” to the business model yet in a deficit.

Finally, because the aid had an impact on the public debt that the taxpayers will inevitably have to repay. They would, therefore, in reality, a recovery artificial and ephemeral.


To restart the economy post-COVID of an authentic and lasting way, the State should immunize companies against the tax murders, and the heavy burden of bureaucracy that cripple.

The pandemic has clearly demonstrated that companies of all sizes are the lifeblood of the economy. It is they who create jobs and wealth. The State should therefore take advantage of the opportunity to create favourable conditions for entrepreneurship and cease to stifle the initiative and the performance with a taxation greedy and a bureaucracy that is costly and time-consuming.

If only the State could take the turn towards fiscal responsibility and respectful of the efforts of the companies, at least something positive would come out of the nightmare of the coronavirus !

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