The outcome, tomorrow, can change the world

The outcome, tomorrow, can change the world


It's no exaggeration to say that tomorrow's US election could change the face of the world if the Republicans win both houses, as the polls indicate.

Midterm elections are often bad for the ruling president's party. The posture in which the Democrats find themselves is nothing extraordinary in itself.

On the other hand, the Republican Party of today has nothing to do with that of a while ago. a few more years. The Republican Party has become a gathering of Americans who worship Donald Trump.

Those who imagine that the Republicans could choose a candidate other than Trump for the presidential nomination need only look at recent polls: Trump leads with about 50% of the vote among Republican supporters, while Ron DeSantis , its fiercest rival, won nearly 25% of the vote.

Without Trump, the Republican Party would never have become a Trumpist cult. Trump is a marketing genius.

Three issues

He understood that American voters were struggling with three political issues around which the Democratic Party cannot not to renew his program.

Immigration, wokism and the declining purchasing power of average Americans are at the heart of the current campaign. Facing them, abortion and the war in Ukraine are only secondary issues.

In the context of American society, these three issues feed the feeling of white Americans that they are losing power to various minorities and that these minorities will apply to them a racial medicine similar to the one they have subjected them to for more than two centuries.

Republican solutions are naive, selfish, racist, undemocratic and, moreover, ineffective. The tax cuts they advocate will accentuate social inequalities. The concentration of electoral and legal power in their hands will lead to a kind of apartheid.

No longer a reliable partner

The rise of the Republicans and their likely control of both chambers will send the same signal to the rest of the world that Trump sent during his tenure: the United States is no longer a reliable partner.

Ukraine is no longer their top priority, NATO is too expensive for them, democracy is not so important and dictatorial regimes can become good partners.

Under these conditions, it is quite obvious that the nature of the war in Ukraine will change. The countries of the European Union will be more than ever torn between their own interests and those of the Union.

Even the policy towards China could change, despite the relative agreement between Democrats and Republicans towards it . Trump likes quick profits too much.

As for Canada, it is coming under the increasingly strong influence of American analysis grids. Ultimately, this cultural imperialism likely favors conservative parties in Canada.

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