The owner rushed into a burning house to rescue a dog. Video

Хозяин ворвался в горящий дом, чтобы спасти собаку. Видео

As a result, saving a man and a dog suffered minor burns.

Californian, Jose Guzman, his wife and three children left without a home due to sudden outbreak of fire. But the man himself became a hero, because he saved from the flame of another family member.

What was the cause of the fire in the new house of the family (they moved there just 2 months before the tragedy) is unknown. Witnesses called the fire Department and started recording their work on video, reports the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

But then in the frame appears the man, who quickly runs past the fire and trying to run to the house. Rescuers tried to stop him, but it didn’t help.

Immediately after this fire had ceased to put out the fire – netizens assume that it was done as a precaution, because in high temperature the water turns to vapor and can severely burn people.

After a few moments it became clear the reason for the behavior of men – he ran out of the house, keeping a dog on a leash.

Later, in an interview ADC10News Jose admitted that pit bull named Gabanna is a real member of the family, and he just couldn’t do otherwise.

“I didn’t know what will be waiting for me when I ran through the fire. I just knew my dog. All I wanted in that moment was to find her. We have nothing left, all our savings were inside.”

As a result, saving a man and a dog suffered minor burns.


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