The owners of the “Manchester United” rejected the proposal to sell the club for four billion

Власники «Манчестер Юнайтед» відхилили пропозиції про продаж клубу за чотири мільярди

The family of the glazers, which is the owner of English club “Manchester United” does not intend to sell the club for four billion pounds.

They don’t intend to give buyers with Saudi Arabia even a fraction of the shares.

Rumors about a possible sale emerged last week. Interest in acquiring the club found Mohammed bin Salman, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

The buyer requested four billion, but the offer was rejected.

The negotiations lasted several weeks, but they failed. Possible cause, the recent death of journalist Jmale Hashagg.

Now “Manchester United” is estimated at about three billion pounds polovoy.

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