The owners of training centres relieved by the announcement

Les propriétaires de centres d’entraînement soulagés par l’annonce

The training centres will be able to finally open their doors on 22 June, to the great relief of their owners.

Unveiled on Wednesday by the minister Isabelle Charest just 24 hours after a glow to Quebec, this decision of the public health does it have a link with the opening of the Mega Gym without her approval ?

After a complaint from a citizen, the police had intervened in the central area of The Willows on Tuesday, but they have not closed the facility and issued a report of the situation for which the DPCP will need to determine whether to file charges.

“Is that our decision to open our doors after three months of containment has influenced the government, or it was already provided for in their plan, I don’t know, pointed out to the owner Dan Marino, but I couldn’t ask for better.

“I am glad that the gyms can open, but also that the sports are back and the martial arts. I have received congratulations, but I don’t have to receive congratulations. I have remained myself in deciding to open to save my business. I’ve only been to the stick to person, but the other will benefit. Only Peter Golden (Maxi-Form Fitness) and Dany Laflamme (NovaGym) followed me. I was all in. “

Marino is feared that charges may be filed ? “If I get fined, they will have to prove that I put the safety of my customers in danger. It’s going to be hard to prove. It sells health. “

Even before the announcement of the quebec government, private studios, training had agreed to open their doors, Wednesday, for sessions on the inside in order to exert pressure.

“So happy “

Centre Elite Factor, Gym The Box and Forge Gym have welcomed their clients Wednesday morning. The three owners had expressed their discontent in a text published in our edition of last Saturday and displayed their colors.

“I’m so happy to re-open my business, restore my world and my employees, a summary Pascal Champagne Elite Factor. If nobody had raised their hand, nothing would have moved. My girlfriend who is pregnant by 32 weeks I was told : “If you do nothing, it will open in September.” It played with the nerves of all the world to be closed for three months. “

The defensive end of the Edmonton Eskimos, Mathieu Betts has responded to this for this great back to the inside. “I have been in shape, but it is fun to find a tighter structure and a follow-up, explained the defensive end of the Edmonton Eskimos. The social aspect I was missing. “

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