The owners ride Tesla bomb: the marriage battery

Faulty battery Tesla Model S and X are at risk to flare up at any moment

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Владельцы Tesla ездят на бомбе: обнаружен брак батареи

Tesla fixed the problem only partially

Despite the elite status, sustainability and innovation, Tesla recently often criticized for the multiple comments, security, software, controversial autopilot and other defects. A new report from Reuters suggests that Tesla will soon be a serious problem due to a detected marriage with a battery.

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According to the Agency, the national administration of safety of traffic of the USA (NHTSA) will consider “the petition on failure”, which States that Tesla was aware of the defect in the battery of about two thousand electric cars models S and X. Instead of having to recall the batteries and the expenses associated with replacement or repair, the automaker just released the may update of the software for the onboard computer, which affected the management capabilities of the battery electric vehicle caught in the risk zone.

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Although this update has to some extent prevented the appearance of a defect, in fact it just lowered the performance of the electric vehicle to avoid overheating and possible fires. However, the software update has not solved the problem. The petition claims that Tesla went the easy way out by allowing your clients to “ride the bomb”, the faulty batteries which run the risk of flare up at any moment. In this case, the electric vehicles got a speed limiter charge.

We will remind that earlier the Tesla has the largest in the history of improvement. Also recently, Tesla Elon musk has set a speed record.

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