The page Hyenas in petticoats retires following allegations of threat

La page Hyènes en jupons se retire à la suite d’allégations de menace

The page Hyenas in petticoats, linked to the wave of denunciations of sexual assault in Quebec, was disconnected from the internet after allegations of threat aimed.

In a press release sent late Monday and identified as coming from the collective, the feminist group has justified its decision to withdraw from the internet to the “more violent threats against the group or assumed to be members of the collective”, in order to “protect the safety and anonymity of all.your the that we have contacted, as well as the members of the collective and any person that is falsely associated with it.”

The page Facebook of the group, Hyenas in petticoats became inaccessible in the late afternoon. Shortly after, the website of the feminist collective has been “made private by its owner”, so that only authorized people can now see it.

The page shared testimonies of anonymous people telling the story of the attacks which they said they had been victims, while naming their alleged abuser, among which one can find, among others, the leader of the Bloc québécois, François Blanchet, or the singers Éric Lapointe, Dan Bigras.

The various pages have disappeared just moments after an anonymous letter denouncing the methods of the feminist collective had been published on the web and relayed by the page Facebook 7 days on Earth.

In this post, a person claiming to have worked with the feminist collective, before taking his distance, claiming, inter alia, that the group would have posted fake testimonials or embellished them.

In the communiqué, the women’s group has denied the authenticity of this message and the charges that are brought.

“No member or member “former member” of the collective is at the origin of this document. The information and names that are cited do not come from our collective, said the collective. We have not, in any case, changed the content or the meaning of the testimonies received in addition to the linguistic revision.”

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