The pandemic benefits alcools quebec

La pandémie profite aux alcools québécois

MONTREAL | The campaign “buy local” introduced in Quebec in the wake of the COVID-19 has increased by 60% the sales of wines quebecers and 80% of those spirits here.

The figures of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) were collected between march and June, said the press attaché Linda Bouchard. “It seems clear that our customers have responded to the call and opted for the “buy local”, she said.

The Vineyard Coteau Rougemont in the Montérégie region, has seen its sales climb 15% to 20% compared to the previous year. Louis Dugas, director of sales and marketing, admits never to have had a good year since his wines have begun to be distributed to the SAQ, in 2012.

The Vineyard Coteau Rougemont in the Montérégie region, is experiencing its best year since its wines are sold at the SAQ.

“We see that there is a craze for buying local products and here,” he said. That translates into better sales at the SAQ and in delicatessens.”

In Rimouski, Joel Pelletier, co-owner of the Distillery, St. Lawrence, is also all smiles. Business is good for the producer of gin, which is known with its nectar-based algae from the river.

“We reached our sales of 2019 in early July, he said. Several factors contributed to our increase. There is the containment, of course, but, in our case, we have also introduced a new product and it begins to export to the international.”

Maxime Beauregard, head of customer service at the field house of cards, in Dunham, note that the sales have really been exponential this year.

“We finished off the last traffic jams of the harvest 2019 this week, he pointed out. We don’t know if we will be able to get until the next harvest, in the case of some products such as our wine orange and our “petnat” [sparkling natural].”

The very hot summer that we know up to now may well generate a crop more generous than normal.

“It is even possible for the harvest to be a little more hasty, because of the heat,” said Maxime Beauregard, the Castle of cards.

For his part, Louis Dugas, the Vineyard Coteau Rougemont, refuses to rejoice too soon. “If it continues like this, it will be a very good year in terms of quantity and quality will be excellent”, he believes.

“That said, it is not necessary to have too much rain in the last two weeks before you pick up the grapes. The remnants of the big tropical storms generate a lot of precipitation. If we have it during the harvest, this is where it can mess”, he added.

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