The pandemic of COVID-19 “is far from over,”

La pandémie de COVID-19 «est loin d’être finie»

GENEVA | pandemic Covid-19, who has just crossed two thresholds that are symbolic, more than half a million deaths and ten million cases, “is far from over,” and “is accelerating” even, warned Monday the world health Organization (WHO), calling on the world to mobilize now without waiting for a vaccine.

“We all want that it all ends. We all want to resume our lives. But the harsh reality is that it is far from finished, ” warned the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, during a virtual press conference.

The pandemic, “accelerates” currently, he reiterated then that the virus continues to wreak havoc in the United States and seems to be picking up in China, even adding that in the face of a “divided world” and to ” a lack of national unity and global solidarity (…) the worst is yet to come “.

WHO is going to send “next week” a team in China in order to determine the origin of the new coronavirus. “We hope that this will help us understand how the virus started and what we can do in the future to prepare us,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

He called on governments and citizens to put in place of the “simple solutions” in order to ” save lives now “: “test, trace, isolate, and quarantine the case “.

Déconfinement pause

According to a count performed by AFP from official sources, but that the experts believe is largely under-estimated, 502 599 deaths and 10 208 540 cases were officially identified Monday 15-h.

The number of deaths in the world has doubled in a little less than two months (250 000 5 may) and 50 000 additional deaths were recorded in the past 10 days.

Europe is the continent which has the largest number of deaths (196 428 for 2 660 794 cases), followed by the zone Usa/Canada (134 538, 2 667 981), Latin America and the Caribbean (112 321, 2 491 030), Asia (33 689, 1 251 153), Middle East (15 819, 743 172), Africa (9 671, 385 166), and Oceania (133, 9 244).

The United States is the country most affected, both in number of deaths (125 928) that case (2 564 163). Although the number of daily deaths has slightly decreased in June compared to the previous month, the contagion is progressing in 30 of the 50 States, especially in the largest and most populous of the south and west of the country: California, Texas and Florida.

Some have had to take a break in the process of déconfinement. Thus, the governor of California has ordered Sunday the closing bars of Los Angeles and six other counties of this State in the american south-west, which has seen a rebound of the pandemic. This measure relates to potentially a total of 13.5 million inhabitants.

More and more votes, especially among Republicans, amounted to Donald Trump, who never appeared masked in public himself, is wearing one to give the example.

Broadway closed

The theaters of Broadway, one of the great attractions of new york, closed since march because of a pandemic, will remain closed at least until January 2021.

In the Uk, the government announced on Monday night that he was going to harden the containment at Leicester due to a surge of cases in this city in the centre of England, the first to be subject to local restrictions. Shops ” non-essential “, which had re-opened mid-June in England, will again have to close from Tuesday, and the schools as early as Thursday.

The return to normal in many countries does not compensate for its impact on economic activities.

During a meeting Monday evening, the German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron urged the european countries, in particular the ” frugal “, to arrive at the european summit in July an agreement on the EU’s recovery.

“We face economic challenges that we have never been known for decades, and probably in all of History “, started the chancellor, who received the French president at the castle Meseberg, near Berlin, at the dawn of a German presidency of the european Union, which promises to be decisive.

“We hope that we will find a solution (at the european council on 17 and 18 July, which will focus on the adoption of the recovery plan of 750 billion euros proposed by the european Commission), even if the path is still long,” said the leader.

In Switzerland, the edition 2021 of the motor Show of Geneva, a major event in the sector, has been cancelled by its organizers ” for obvious reasons: as a result of a survey, the majority of the exhibitors indicated that it would not participate probably not an edition 2021 and that it favoured a next edition in 2022 “.

In Canada, the world famous troupe Cirque du Soleil announced that it had sought court protection from its creditors to try to restructure.

In Ireland, however, the 7,000 pubs have been allowed on Monday to reopen their doors. “Guinness is good for health,” jokes Mark O’mahony, the first client to see serve a pint of the famous beer black irish with his breakfast at the pub Doheny & Nesbitt in Dublin. “Without it, it really was not terrible these past 15 weeks.”

“I wear a mask”

Cradle of pandemic born in December in Wuhan, in the center of the country, China is believed to have finished with the Covid-19, but the virus has re-emerged in mid-June in Beijing, to the point that the authorities were obliged to close schools, and to confine the many thousands of people in the residential areas judged to be at risk.

On the other hand, South Korea is continuing its return to normal. The country has managed to control the situation through a strategy based on very extensive testing and tracing of contacts of infected people, without even impose containment required.

As a result, the audience will again be allowed to attend sporting events, have announced Sunday the authorities.

Elsewhere in the world, the situation is contrasted.

Mask mandatory in certain public places and a green light to the reinstatement of restrictive measures: the iranian government has decreed the re-entrainment. It announced on Monday that 162 people dead in 24 hours, the highest number of daily deaths linked to the virus since the epidemic began in February.

“I wear a mask “: in spite of a public health campaign to encourage Iranians to go out covered, only “50 % of the passengers in the subway wear masks” and “even less so in the bus,” lamented the mayor of Tehran Pirouz Hanachi.

In Latin America, the country most heavily affected is Brazil, which was a Monday 57 622 died on 1 344 143 confirmed cases, according to the authorities.

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