The pandemic of COVID-19 “is far from over,”

La pandémie de COVID-19 «est loin d’être finie»

GENEVA | pandemic Covid-19 “is far from over,” and “is accelerating” even, warned Monday the world health Organization (WHO), calling on the world to take action now without waiting for a vaccine.

“Tomorrow, six months will have passed since the WHO first began to receive reports concerning a group of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in China,” said the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“Six months ago, none of us could have imagined how our world, and our lives would be upset by this new virus,” he added, during a virtual press conference.

Six months after China had formally state the onset of the disease in December, the new coronavirus has resulted in the death of more than 500, 000 people in the world. And more than 10 million cases have been identified, of which almost half are now considered as cured.

“We all want that it all ends. We all want to resume our lives. But the harsh reality is that this is far from being finished,” said the head of the WHO. He also reiterated that the pandemic “is accelerating” currently.

“We have already lost so much, but we can not lose hope,” he added.

Underlining that a vaccine will be an “important tool” to control the virus over the long term, he called on the governments and citizens to put in place of the “simple solutions” in order to “save lives now”.

It has thus called on governments “to test, trace, isolate, and quarantine the case, asking the people to respect the hygiene measures, wear a mask when they are needed and to respect the rules of distancing.

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