The participant of national selection of “Eurovision 2020” Jerry Heil confessed how he became a vegan and went against the family

Участница нацотбора "Евровидения 2020" Jerry Heil призналась, как стала веганом и пошла против семьи

today, 14:08

The semi-finalist of the National selection for Eurovision 2020 Jerry Heil, which recently submitted a track for the national selection “Eurovision-2020” under the name “VEGAN” actively conducts the page in Instagram. Celebrity exposed funny series of photos, posing in one of the most popular establishments of Kyiv and wearing bright pink pants, multi-colored hoodie and shoes with a massive sole. So, the actress admitted that though not eating meat and other animal products (honey, milk, eggs), still continues to wear leather shoes and explained why. It turns out, star beauty was born in a family of butchers, so meat do not eat because she feels sorry for the animals, but because the body at some point he ceased to perceive.

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Vono s view from the past life.
No honey for Christmas kutya.
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United parade!
Our otoczenia got strong vpliv. Postpost – nazarovski way to psyki♥ I🐼“, – shared his thoughts and tips Jan Shamaeva. Followers also supported the girl in the comments.

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Участница нацотбора "Евровидения 2020" Jerry Heil призналась, как стала веганом и пошла против семьи

Участница нацотбора "Евровидения 2020" Jerry Heil призналась, как стала веганом и пошла против семьи

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