The participant of national selection on “Eurovision” for the first time said that he was beaten

In February, the singer KHAYAT was attacked in the Kiev metro

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Участник Нацотбора на "Евровидение" впервые рассказал, за что его избили


In February of this year, Ukrainian singer KHAYAT (Andrew Hyatt) said about the brutal attack. Finalists show “voice of the country 9” and the participant of national selection for Eurovision-2019 beaten in Kiev, when he went to the meeting with the fans. For the first time the actor commented on the situation, and said that was the cause of the incident.

According to the singer, he was beaten on his appearance. “The fact that the guy dyed his hair, perhaps, for our people are not very receptive. Several times I got hit, but I’m a guy, I fought back, it is a common thing for me,” shared KHAYAT, in an interview for “social life”.

The actor also said that he always wanted to dress “like everyone else.” “I felt that I can not wear costumes that are worn by all, or to buy things in mass markets. So for me it was always easier to think of something, ask for a dressmaker, so she made something for me. Then it so happened that I was invited by an acquaintance to work as assistant and later as a stylist,” he added.

We will remind, earlier KHAYAT unusual quail hit KAZKA on the show “Golos Krainy 9”.

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