The participants of the “Top models in Ukrainian” conquered Ukrainian Fashion Week, as it was

Участники "Топ-модели по-украински" покорили Ukrainian Fashion Week, как это было

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Every year the number of graduates is growing, and fashion Week filled up by friends due to the reality persons. New channel announced, who were dressed in the fashion shows of Ukrainian designers, and what funny things happened to the models.

Участники "Топ-модели по-украински" покорили Ukrainian Fashion Week, как это было

Ukrainian Fashion Week, New channel

Masha Shevchenko – record holder in tattoos

Two years after the show Mary worked as a bartender and did the tattoo, but this season she literally blew the world of fashion. Most recently, she returned from Paris where participated in the last show of Jean Paul Gaultier and Armani show. Now she did eight shows at Ukrainian fashion week, and is not going to stop.

“I just got back from Paris, do a little job in Ukraine and then fly to Milan and again in Paris. At UFW, I had eight shows, each of them is special in their own way. This season I worked with designers such as JULIA KROS, VBO, CHUPRINA, PRZHONSKAYA, etc. And on the show BENDUS, at the request of the designer, even kissed on the podium with a male model!”, – says Masha.

Участники "Топ-модели по-украински" покорили Ukrainian Fashion Week, как это было

Ukrainian Fashion Week, New channel

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Malvina Chuckle – exhibit no auditions

The winner of the third season of “Top model in Ukrainian” proved once again that the first place she got not just. Season fall winter 20/21 – only the second part of Chuckle in UFW, but it has already become a recognizable model, which the designers themselves invited to their shows.

“I made this season five shows – ARUTIUNOVA, CHUPRINA, Mary Kay x DASTISH FANTASTISH, DARJA DONEZZ and a charity show dedicated to conscious consumption. A pleasant surprise was my contact Daria Donets. She did not cooperate with KModels, but invited me to work on. Just remember me from last season, I liked her, so he proposed cooperation. How easily and quickly we work!”, said Malvina.

Участники "Топ-модели по-украински" покорили Ukrainian Fashion Week, как это было

Ukrainian Fashion Week, New channel

This season’s UFW Malvina entered as the winner of a reality model, so that people would show increased interest in her.

“I began to learn – very often approached by photographers, stylists, makeup artists, guests of the fashion Week, to do a selfie with me or to sleep with compliments. I even somehow uncomfortable, but very, very nice!”, said Chuckle.

Darina Gerasimchuk for the first time opened the show

One of the most charismatic participants of the third season of Darina Gerasimchuk for the first time appeared on the catwalk of Ukrainian fashion week. Yes, and how effectively – did she open the show STARCHAK.

“I’m studying at University, so I missed the auditions for the UFW. But still got there – I was personally invited to open the fashion show of the brand STARCHAK. To say that I was overwhelmed with emotion – to say nothing. I just walked like a goddess, and all around shouted “Muse!” I will say this – working at Ukrainian fashion week I really liked,” shared Darinka.

Участники "Топ-модели по-украински" покорили Ukrainian Fashion Week, как это было

Ukrainian Fashion Week, New channel

Dima Toporensky became a 3D model and a leading

If last season UFW graduate of the second season of “Top model in Ukrainian” Dima Topolinski took to the catwalk in fur coats and dresses, this time became a 3D model.

“This season UFW I only worked with one brand – FINCH. But it wasn’t showing, and separate presentation is a collaborative project of FINCH and CASTA EYEWEAR. From my pictures in the clothing brand made a 3D model. Now on the FINCH page in Instagram you will find a mask with my figure, which can be placed anywhere in augmented reality”, explained Dima.

And if FINCH Dima cooperates is not the first time that something in this season everything was new to him – he became a leading.

“For me, this UFW uniquely different from those in which I took part in 2018. The main point is that we Asa participated as a model and as a leading. Led presentations, interviewed visitors. Soon you will be able to see the result on the YouTube channel of Ukrainian fashion week”, – he said.

Yegor Stepanenko has made changes to the catwalk

Brutal Egor takes part in Ukrainian fashion week for the third time, and feels the shows, like a fish in water. Even gives advice to designers.

“This season I took one showing SONYAMONINA – Sonia always easy to work with, a good stylist will help and moral support, no tense moments. Before the fashion show I helped stylists make a spontaneous decision not to wear the jacket and carry it in my hands. Just on the backstage, I was standing in this position, and she really liked the stylist. So he sent me to the podium. Here’s how one small thing can affect the course of the show,” – said Yegor.

Участники "Топ-модели по-украински" покорили Ukrainian Fashion Week, как это было

Ukrainian Fashion Week, New channel

In his opinion, Ukrainian fashion week is growing, and designers are “freaked out”.

“Most of the shows have become performances, it seemed that the designers are trying to outdo each other in weirdness. Some even refused the catwalks and have been doing shows with 3D images. Although me is not very much, I think that Ukrainian designers will have great future”, – he said.

Sergei Gardow for the show shaved his beard

Neighbor Yegor Stepanenko in rented apartment in Kiev also participated in one show – Brenda KASS. Not only that, for the sake of penetration Sergei Gerdova had to shave off his beard, so he also almost fell on the podium.

“For this output I had to shave. It’s all in the terms dictated by the designer, and the concept of the show: we have acted as Indians, each had their own role, I have, for example, is the wolf. To the podium made a huge huts, the smoke was… More a theatrical show than a classic show. At the end of the excavation, to the point I even almost fell because we on the soles put some kind of slippery thing. But, fortunately, happened,” he said.

Aline mileaway consistently lucky

After participating in the third season of “Supermodel in Ukrainian” Alina Milyaeva managed not only to create a charitable Fund and reach the final of the beauty contest “Miss Ukraine-2018”, but also several times to participate in the UFW. While earlier, the girl has not been faced with the standard model problems in her shows, for example, uncomfortable shoes too small.

“This season I worked with brands and SANNA LAKE studio ONE. And if the LAKE we have been cooperating for a long time, then the second brand for the first time. But everything was at an excellent level, nothing to complain about, even if I wanted to” – says Alina.

Участники "Топ-модели по-украински" покорили Ukrainian Fashion Week, как это было

Ukrainian Fashion Week, New channel

Helen Feofanova tried to kiss Prince

The curly-haired model Lena Feofanova after the project in addition to modeling also does painting. She even conducts master classes on needlework! Here in UFW, she showed not only their modeling skills and creative nature.

“I participated in the creative show of the brand ROUSSIN. Designer Sofia Rusinovich went to the creative show – she faked a story about a little Prince. I got to say, the main role, because I was the only girl on the podium. Each participant of the show was to draw something on the wall to complete the picture or ruin it. My task was to draw yourself a sloppy lips and kiss the little Prince. And then the incident happened: drew it too high, and I wasn’t able to fully realize the idea. Although it is still impressive. By the way, in this show I worked with Dima Skajem – I am very impressed” – said Lena.

Участники "Топ-модели по-украински" покорили Ukrainian Fashion Week, как это было

Ukrainian Fashion Week, New channel

Dima Sukach became a Zebra

Dima is the fourth time takes part in Ukrainian fashion week. And always his shows are not without curiosities. And now the guy almost fell and crawled on the catwalk on all fours.

“I participated in two shows – ROUSSIN and KASS. Sonia Rusinovich we became friends, I was the third time I present her clothes for the UFW. With KASS collaborated for the first time, and immediately such an honor to open the show. Here began the most fun. We went to the podium through the Lodge, which had very little space. Anyway, I go in slippery shoes, slip on some foam, and I imagine in the image of Zebra on all fours crawling on the podium… But because it happened in the tepee, no one saw a thing. Although I still would have got out – thanks to the project, which taught to leave any situation”, – said Mykola Sukach.

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