The passionate kiss of a couple on the bridge was fatal: video

CCTV camera filmed a shocking incident in the Peruvian city of Cusco

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Страстный поцелуй пары на мосту стал фатальным: видео

Couples kiss on a bridge in Peru ended fatally

Beloved 34-year-old Espinosa Maybe the 36-year-old Hector Vidal fell from the bridge in Cusco (Peru), where he stopped during his walk to kiss. The incident was filmed by a surveillance camera, writes Metro.

According to the publication, the couple was returning from a nightclub and stopped on the bridge for a kiss. The woman climbed on the railing and clasped the feet of his beloved. At some point she lost her balance and started to fall, and the drawing partner for themselves.

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In the end, the Espinosa died on the spot. Vidal died later, after being in the hospital. He received a fracture of the skull bones. Beloved were mountain climbers, and moved to the Peruvian town, to work instructors.

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