The pavements have been preserved this spring because of the COVID-19

Les chaussées ont été préservées ce printemps en raison de la COVID-19

Even if some of the trucks were able to transport goods heavier during the spring thaw due to the pandemic, the roadways of Quebec have been preserved due to the slowdown of economic activities.

Each spring, Quebec requires a load reduction for road transport companies to protect the pavement during the spring thaw period.

Special Permission

This year, because of the COVID-19, this tax was suspended by government decree for the essential services.

The permission was only for the food, hardware, health and medical, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals required for the production of foodstuffs.

Les chaussées ont été préservées ce printemps en raison de la COVID-19

Photo courtesy
Marc Cadieux
Trucking Association

The special permission had to help the transport sector, which was hit by a lack of workforce, because of the rules of containment.

“It was very targeted. It was health and nutrition. There was nothing else, ” says Marc Cadieux, president and ceo of the Quebec trucking Association, adding that it is not sectors that are usually in overload.

“We’re not talking about construction materials and concrete blocks. “

In addition, the paused for a good part of the economy has dramatically reduced truck traffic.

“There has been a very sharp decline,” he says. There are many who have suffered. “

Same sound of bell to the directorate general of contrôle routier Québec.

“There has not been a lot of activities. During the thaw, there are many carriers who are circulating more “, indicates the director-general of support for operations, Claude Pigeon, saying that the government decree does not really impact on the degradation of the roads.

Slow recovery

In addition, the trucking industry is still in slow motion, ” said Mr. Cadieux, of the trucking Association.

“There are still areas that are in slow motion. A carrier who tells me that he is above 50 % of its activity, it is still in a good mood. This is long before the industry resumes its cruising speed. “

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