The PCU has cost about $ 53 billion $

La PCU a coûté environ 53 milliards $

OTTAWA – The Trudeau government has disbursed approximately 53 billion dollars in Benefit payments in the canadian emergency (PCU) and will release “soon” new projections for this flagship program, deployed at the height of the crisis of the COVID-19.

This is what was stated on Monday, the president of the Treasury Board Jean-Yves Duclos.

“We are still around eight million applicants who, at one time or another, have received at least one payment of the PCU, for a total of approximately 18 million applications and one budget [overall], for the moment, about 53 billion dollars”, he said in a press conference on parliament hill in Ottawa.

Prior to that Mr. Duclos does not provide this information, we only knew that 43.5 billion $ had been paid out in benefits as of the date of 4 June, for a total of 15 million applications.

The total cost of the PCU and the projections of its use by Ottawa, could also clear up soon, if we are to believe the minister. He reported that his colleagues to Bill Morneau, and Carla Qualtrough, Finance and Employment, will present shortly, “an update on the forecasts of the PCU in the coming weeks and months”.

Last week, the Trudeau government announced that it was extending by two months the period of eligibility of the PCU for the Canadians who would have otherwise exhausted their benefits in July without being able to return to work.

The total amount that would have to pay Ottawa with this extension was not clear. The minister Qualtrough had referred to a maximum cost of $ 17 billion per month, while insisting on the fact that this estimate was uncertain.

“This is an order of magnitude based on the first month [of PKU]. Since then, there has been a fall of almost 20% in the number of providers, has qualified Mr. Duclos on Monday. With the déconfinement accelerated that we have seen since the month of may, it is expected that the percentage fall is even more important.”

In the supplementary estimates adopted in the Commons last week, Ottawa’s planned spending of $60 billion.

The PCU allows Canadians who can’t work because of the COVID-19 to touch$ 2000 per month. Those who do not earn that 1000$ on a monthly basis also right.

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