The peak of the pandemic, ” past “, Putin has fixed June 24, the parade of the victory

Le pic de la pandémie « passé », Poutine fixe au 24 juin le défilé de la victoire

Considering “past” the peak of the pandemic COVID-19 in Russia, president Vladimir Putin ordered Tuesday that the grand parade of the victory over nazi Germany, which had been deferred in early may, takes place on 24 June.

This great mass of patriotic illustrating each year the military power of the Russian federation had been replaced on may 9 by modest commemorations : an air parade, a short speech in front of the flame of the unknown soldier in which Mr. Putin has praised Russia’s ” invincible “, then another in front of the soldiers inside the walls of the Kremlin.

This country had complained for more than 10 000 new infections daily by the new coronavirus, while the inhabitants of the major part of its immense territory remained confined.

The growth in the number of new cases has since stabilized and the authorities have begun the may 12, a déconfinement careful and variable according to regions. In Moscow, the epicenter of the epidemic in Russia, the strict measures remain in force until the end of the month.

Vladimir Putin has ruled on Tuesday that the situation related to the outbreak remained ” stable in general in the country, in the regions and within the armed forces “. “According to specialists, the peak in us may be considered to be past “, has he said yet.

He has ordered his Defence minister Sergei Choïgou, during a meeting television, to begin preparations for the parade celebrating this year the 75th anniversary of the victory over nazi Germany.

The date of 24 June is symbolic in Russia since it is the one of the first big parade after the victory over the nazis, which took place in 1945. The date on which it is usually organized on 9 may, refers, in turn, to the German capitulation

“Minimize the risk”

Russia reported Tuesday a double record, both in the number of dead in 24 hours of COVID-19, or 174, and in one of his healings, more than 131 000.

In total, more than 362, 000 cases of coronavirus have been identified, 3807 fatal.

In the third place worldwide for the number of people infected, behind the United States and Brazil, Russia is currently a decline in this figure.

Vladimir Putin has even resurfaced Monday in an appearance at the Kremlin, that he had deserted at the height of the pandemic.

The head of the Russian State ordered Tuesday to Sergey Choïgou that the “requirements (in) security” to be “the highest in view of the preparations for the parade” June 24 : “The risks for all participants must be a minimum or, better still, excluded “.

The parade of the ” regiment immortal “, during which the Russians are marching in the street with the portrait of their ancestors who participated in the war, will take place on the 26 July.

The Russian president has placed in recent years the weight of the contribution of the USSR to defeat nazi at the heart of a discourse of power and prestige, triggering a battle of memory with the west, which Moscow accuses of minimizing the role of the Soviets in the victory.

The return in force of Russia on the international scene in recent years has been marked by the annexation of the Crimea Ukrainian in 2014, scandals, spying, or even a Russian intervention in Syria in 2015, in support of president Bashar al-Assad.

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