The pedestrian bridge will be named in honor of the Ukrainian dissident

Пешеходный мост в Праге назовут в честь украинского диссидента

The town Council of the Czech capital has decided to name one of the pedestrian bridges in honor of Ukrainian dissident Vasyl Makukha. About this in his Twitterнаписал Yevhen perebyinis, Ambassador of Ukraine in the Czech Republic.

“The city Council of Prague has decided to name a pedestrian bridge in honor of the Ukrainian dissident Vasyl Makukha, which is November 5, 1968 to have committed self-immolation in Kiev in protest against the occupation of Czechoslovakia” — he wrote.

Also, the diplomat says that from this bridge starts the Prague Ukrainian street.

Recall that on 5 November 1968 Kiev, as well as the entire Soviet Union is preparing for the anniversary of the October revolution. The city was decorated with portraits of “leaders” slogans and red flags. Suddenly passers-by saw the entrance of the house 27 (near the Bessarabian market) ran out fire figure and words sounded: “get out okupantu!”, “Hi long live free Ukraine!” The human torch, and was it Basil Makuch, attracted the attention of all who were then in the capital. The police tried to extinguish the fire, but they failed. They roughly began to disperse the people, for the less witnesses to this unprecedented event. Finally, exhausted from the pain, the figure fell. Someone had covered her with his coat. Rushed by the ambulance. But doctors were unable to do anything. Basil Makuch, never regaining consciousness, 6 Nov 1968, died.

Пешеходный мост в Праге назовут в честь украинского диссидента

Night foreign radio stations all over the world reported about the following: “a Citizen of Ukraine Vasyl Makuch, protesting against Communist totalitarianism, the enslavement of the Ukrainian people and of Soviet aggression against Czechoslovakia, made in Kiev, the act of self-immolation. Before a courageous act, a Ukrainian patriot bows his head the whole progressive world community…”.

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