The Pentagon denounces military exercises of chinese in the south China sea

Le Pentagone dénonce des exercices militaires chinois en mer de Chine méridionale

The Pentagon has denounced Thursday the holding of military exercises chinese around an archipelago disputed south China sea, believing that they “déstabiliseront even more” the situation in the region.

“The ministry of Defence is concerned about the decision of China to conduct military exercises around the islands of the Paracels, in the south China sea, the 1st to the 5th of July “, the Pentagon said in a press release.

These activities “déstabiliseront even more the situation” in the area claimed by China but also by Vietnam and Taiwan, said the ministry.

“These exercises violent in addition to the commitments made by China in the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the south China sea of 2002,” recalls Washington.

The text signed by the countries of the Asean (the Association of nations of South-east Asia) provided that all parties “avoid activities that might complicate or aggravate the dispute and to threaten the peace and security,” notes the american army.

This is only ” the latest of a long series of actions by China to assert maritime claims and illegal work to the disadvantage of its asian neighbors in the south China sea “, the statement continues.

By contrast, Washington says that he does wish to have a ” region indo-pacific, free and open, where all countries, large and small, are safe and sovereign, free from any coercion, and can develop their economy in accordance with the international rules and standards “.

The Pentagon, which calls on ” all parties to exercise restraint “, has warned that it will “continue to monitor” the military activities of the chinese in the region.

The Paracels are the islands off the coast of China and Vietnam, claimed by both countries and by Taiwan. They are controlled since more than 40 years by Beijing, which has been militarized by installing such missiles.

The US Navy regularly patrol in the vicinity of this archipelago, and one of the Spratleys, more to the south, to assert the freedom of navigation in international waters, much to the chagrin of China, which protested regularly.

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