The Perfect Date : Zac Efron has failed to play in the movie instead of Noah Centineo

The Perfect Date : Zac Efron a failli jouer dans le film à la place de Noah Centineo

The Perfect Date : Zac Efron has failed to play in the movie instead of Noah Centineo

On Friday, 12 April, Netflix put online The Perfect Date, her new romantic comedy with Noah Centineo. But did you know that the star of all the boys I’ve loved would never play in the film ? Yes, that is Zac Efron, who was first considered for the role of Brooks. It explains everything !

It never says no to a romantic comedy on Netflix. Revealed in Has all the boys I’ve loved that the sequel is currently filming, Noah Centineo has become the darling of many internet users and has made his grand return to the platform with The Perfect Date in which he gives a reply to Laura Marano you and Camila Mendes. A film shot in 2018, but which was in draft for a while.

The Perfect Date, a long-term project

You never know it may not be but The Perfect Date is adapted from the novel “The Stand-In” (the original title of the film before it was changed) written by Steve Bloom and published in 2017. But before you write the book, the author had told the story in a scenario that he wanted to sell to a major studio… 10 years ago ! In an interview with MassLive, Steve Bloom explains that the project has long been stalled, and that many celebrities have been in talks to play in the film. Among them ? Zac Efron ! Yes, the actor revealed in High School Musical would have been able to play Brooks Rattigan but the project was ultimately never materialized, ” explains the author. So it is finally 10 years after the film was shot with Noah Centineo in the lead role. But Zac Efron was not the only star approached as Steve Bloom also explains that Shia LaBeouf had for a time been considered to embody the heroes.

If you’re a fan of Zac Efron, don’t worry-you will soon be able to find it on Netflix but in a movie, much less romantic. The platform has acquired the broadcasting rights of the film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, in which the actor embodies Ted Bundy, the famous serial-killer of the 70’s. It will be available on may 3.


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