“The perfect moments”: “Tristan will open up more to the world”, confides Antoine Marchand-Gagnon

“The perfect moments”: “Tristan will open up more to the world”, confides Antoine Marchand-Gagnon


Antoine Marchand-Gagnon was revealed in the youth series “Subito texto” and “Conseil de famille”, as well as in the comedy “My little misfortunes”, which did not last long. The young actor is now making his way into his first drama, “Les moments parfaits”, in which he plays Tristan, a young man who is both sensitive, intelligent and a bit drooling. 

At the end of the first season of the TVA series, his friend Chuck (Étienne Pilon), a guy much older than him and who was sick, took his own life, which of course affected Tristan. In the new intrigues, the teenager seems to have turned the page and the subject has even been evacuated from the intrigues signed by Marie-Ève ​​Bourassa, Annabelle Poisson and Marc Robitaille.

“We don't get into Chuck's death, but I try to add it to my game, that he's still grieving at the start of Season 2. It affects him to the extent that he grew up from all of this and I think it helps him take control of his life,” said the 20-year-old singer, who describes his character as the “comic relief” of the Thomas family, which includes his parents Catherine. (Catherine Trudeau) and Alex (Gabriel Sabourin), as well as her brother Hugo (Samuel Gauthier) and her sister Charlotte (Willia Ferland-Tanguay).

Catherine pushes her youngest to find a job and get out of the family basement where he has been holed up for too long. Tristan will end up working in his mother's club, Les Festives, which concocts events for its customers. But it's not so much this job that interests her as a certain Max (Élizabeth Duperré), a newcomer to the agency where we also find the friendly Stéphanie (Myriam De Verger).

“This season, Tristan is going to open up more to the world and try new things. He won't stop reading books, but he'll touch on things he's never touched before. It's cool to see him in situations that “challenge” him, because he's a guy who was used to staying safe in all areas of his life. At the Festivals, he will bring coffees, nothing very complicated, but for him, these are big steps.”

Tristan will have to trust his instincts to keep moving forward. “It's 'fun' to find him in situations where, even though he's a smart guy, it doesn't always help him. He will have to trust his “guts” and go for it”, detailed Antoine, who is currently filming in a film, while boxing the episodes of “Perfect Moments” that we will be able to see after the Holidays.< /p>

Playing a young adult in the making who is worried about his parents taking a break – Alex is looking for a small apartment to take a step back – is also satisfying for the young actor.

“What happens between his parents affects him; even if sometimes he's a little drooling, he loves his family very much and he's sensitive.”

Produced by Encore Television, with the collaboration of Quebecor Content, the series “Les moments parfaits” is broadcast every Wednesday, at 8 p.m., on TVA. You can also catch it on TVA+.