The perspex for the reopening of the Brothel Comedy Club

Du plexiglas pour la réouverture du Bordel Comédie Club

It is Thursday evening as the popular Brothel Comedy Club should re-open its doors on Ontario street in Montreal, after three and a half months of inactivity. The institution will have to comply with several sanitary measures required by the public health, told the Newspaper one of the co-owners, Charles Deschamps.

Among these measures, three plexiglas of at least four feet in height will be installed directly on the stage, between the micro and the public. “We didn’t have the choice to install it because it would have further reduced our capacity,” said Charles Deschamps.

To respect the distance, more than 50 participants will be admitted to the interior of the Brothel, including the employees and comedians. In normal times, the Comedy Club can accommodate up to 120 spectators.

To compensate for this reduced capacity, the representations will be added each week. There will be particular performances on Saturday, 13 h, 15 h, 17 h, 19 h, 21 h and 23 h.

Funny atmosphere ?

“There will be stations for washing hands, mentions Charles Deschamps. The menu for food will be reduced. The artists will also have to sign a paper to ensure that they do not have symptoms. “

Each artist will have his microphone in and out of scene with a different location of the facilitator. The public also leave the room to a door different from the entrance. Spectators must wear the mask for all movement within the facility.

Charles Deschamps admitted he cannot wait to see the atmosphere that will reign at the Brothel in the next few days. The comedian is not too worried about the impact that the reduced capacity on the show.

“We had an evening open mic at the Brothel where I was up on stage at half past midnight, on a stormy night, and there were only 30 people. We had fun anyway ! “

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