The petition against the port of the mask removed

La pétition contre le port du masque retirée

The petition calling for the cancellation of wearing a mask is mandatory in enclosed public places in Quebec starting on July 18 has been removed from the web site that had taken her in, because she “broke the rules of the community,” says its founder.

At the time of his removal on Wednesday morning, more than 58,000 people had already added their signature to the petition, on-line Monday.

“I created this petition to show that many people were against this measure,” explains Geneviève Sénécal, who wanted to present it on the website of the national Assembly.

During his withdrawal on Wednesday, the site who welcomes petitions he has simply stated that his ” broke the rules of the community “, without more detail.

Last Saturday, the government of Quebec has announced that wearing a mask will be mandatory in enclosed public places, for all those aged 12 years and older, as of July 18.

Measure ” repressive “

This measure has not pleased some, who consider it “repressive” and who question the effectiveness of masks.

“I am not against the wearing of the mask, I am against the wearing of the mask when it becomes mandatory, she says. Especially in enclosed public places, because there is no scientific evidence that this measure may help curb the contagion. “

Nevertheless, she concedes that it is necessary to wear the mask, when there is a close and long-lasting as in the hairdresser, since they are the ” two factors that are that it can be contagious.”

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