The PGA responds in its own way to the LIV Tour

The PGA hits back in its own way at the LIV circuit


Aiming not to lose more golfers to the rival LIV Tour, the PGA on Wednesday confirmed significant changes to purses and the status of certain tournaments. 

< p>So, much like it is in professional tennis, the organization's best players will annually engage in a calendar of 17 marquee events comprising the four majors of the season – the British Open, the Championship from the PGA, the Masters and the US Open – and big events already on the schedule like the Players Championship. 

In addition, four tournaments to be determined will be included in the group of unmissable events for advanced golfers. Participants will also be required to take part in three additional regular PGA tournaments, for an individual schedule of at least 20 competitions.

Additionally, with the exception of the Sentry Tournament of Champions, all other mandatory stages will offer minimum purses of $20 million. Also, any member of the PGA with a full-time exemption to evolve there will be guaranteed to earn $500,000 per year. Finally, the improvement of a program intended for impact players will allow the 20 golfers “having the most resonance in the media and with the public” to receive $100 million.

“Our best players strongly support tour, commissioner Jay Monahan told the PGA website. They help us present an unparalleled product to our fans, who will be guaranteed to see elite golfers compete in 20 or more events in a season.”

Matching Match

Last week, Tiger Woods and other household names on the PGA held a meeting to discuss the future of their Tour which has lost several athletes, including Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Koepka, Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson.&nbsp ;

According to former world number 1 Rory McIlroy, the meeting had its benefits, especially thanks to the leadership of Woods, and he did not hide his enthusiasm about the expected sequel.

“When I watch a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, I expect to see Tom Brady throwing a ball. When I watch a Formula 1 race, I want to see Lewis Hamilton driving a car. On the PGA Tour, it's often happened that we act individually and follow our respective schedules, so that we have not ended up together so much, underlined one of the directors of the players of the PGA. I believe that the conclusions of our discussion the other time and what Jay announced shows our commitment to come together to make the product more attractive.”