The pharmacist: a presence that facilitates access to health care

In recent weeks, a growing number of voices have been rising across Quebec to demand a solution to the problems that limit access to the health care system. Despite all the government’s attempts in this direction, it seems that nothing is done.
C ‘is indeed the sad impression I remember an article published on 16 April by La Tribune and that the list of people waiting for a family doctor in the Eastern Townships would be just as long until 2016. And this , despite the fact that more than 35,000 Estriens were newly cared for by a family doctor in 2017!

Is access to the health care system at the front line an insoluble problem? I do not believe that. What is becoming increasingly clear to me, however, is that administrative reforms can not fulfill their promises if they tend to isolate the actors in the health system rather than combine their respective strengths. Think of an orchestra. The talent of each of the musicians, no matter how big, can not compete with the strength and effectiveness of the ensemble.

Although much has been said so far about the highly desirable role of nurses, I think it is important to consider the contribution of other health professionals in solving the headaches of access to primary care. Pharmacists are those who can play an increased role for their patients, based on their skills. Thus, some people consult a doctor for discomfort when it is actually an adverse effect caused by a drug. By first consulting the pharmacist, the pharmacist can recognize these symptoms and solve the problem at the base. This is very useful when you do not have a family doctor.

Since 2015, pharmacists have been able to perform additional acts granted by the government: prescribe laboratory tests; adjust an order; substitute an equivalent for an unavailable drug or prescribe a drug for minor health problems; so many interventions by which pharmacists contribute to the release of other professionals from the network who can, in turn, offer more services to patients.

I look forward to hearing more and more calls for interdisciplinary health collaboration. It is not only desirable, but necessary, because nothing can substitute for the attention, compassion and intervention of competent health professionals working together to relieve and heal. Not even money. In this sense, pharmacists are health professionals who, by virtue of their status as drug experts and their wide accessibility, can and want to do more, for the benefit of all patients in Quebec.

Jean-Luc Trottier
Pharmacist owner in Sherbrooke

Let us restore democracy

It will have taken the combined action of three doctors (Couillard, Barrette and Bolduc) and less than three years to the Liberals to transfer $ 1.3 billion from our pockets to Bombardier and Airbus. What to train nurses and attendants to beneficiaries as long as you want! Who will now have finally paid for the EMN and in whose hands will it end?

We are entitled to ask.

In addition, on the way, we have made a federal bridge (Champlain Bridge) more environmentally friendly with the taxes of Quebec. Nice gift! And Ottawa can even, if it wishes, later charge tolls to Quebecers. It is a great time for the bankers and doctors of power to be removed and for the people to take their place as in a true democracy. That’s why it was invented! In order for the voice of the people to balance with that of the establishment to exercise power.

There one would think oneself in a state of extreme right. Business people give orders directly to the government to change our education system, which is no longer one of this, or to change the immigration laws and even upset pension funds yet signed in good faith in previous negotiations.

Let’s add that they did not even really reach a balanced budget since they benefited from $ 11 billion in equalization for this year alone. The debt of the people has unfortunately served as a buffer for the rest, in addition to mortgage rates that rise and rise again. Now they are emptying the fund and disposing of the generational fund as they please, while they do not have the support of the popular majority, as shameless emirs would do in totalitarian countries.

Even the pollution has grown by 247 million liters more gasoline in their presence compared to 2013.

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