The photographs of the surface of Jupiter spotted Dolphin

На снимках поверхности Юпитера разглядели дельфина

Some people take the illusion too seriously.

Representatives of the American national space Agency announced that the automatic interplanetary station “Juno” that are orbiting Jupiter, has received a rather unusual the gas giant, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

Scientists joke that there were the largest Dolphin in the Solar system, and even in the whole Universe. Of course, we are talking about a fake Dolphin. The clouds over the distant celestial body formed a very clear silhouette of the earth’s marine animal.

The amazing parabolicheskoi the illusion was obtained on 29 October, when “Juno” came close to Jupiter at a distance of 18 thousand kilometers. The length of the “Dolphin” is a few thousand kilometers. Of course, NASA is convinced that this is only an atmospheric phenomenon that took such a bizarre form. The human brain, as many of us know, constantly recognize familiar images in random objects, ornaments and textures.

Strange updated the Jupiter clouds of water and ammonia ice are enormous in size and scope. The characteristic dark color “Dolphin” suggests that these clouds have formed closer to the surface of a gas giant. It is reported that in the atmosphere of a distant planet often there are similar multi-layer structure. But “Dolphin” was extremely unusual, and many Internet users can’t escape the feeling that it didn’t just happen.

Maybe it’s a sign to us earthlings? According to one theory, all the planets, stars, and the universe is reasonable, and if so, why Jupiter is not reasonable, maybe “talk” with us that such images, “bringing” out of the clouds an amazing Dolphin? Just what all this means?..

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