“The pills don’t help…”: Favorit Serduchka fell into the trap of addiction, is impossible to cure

"Таблетки не помогают...": фаворит Сердючки попал в капкан пагубной зависимости, справиться невозможно

Danilko, photo: Nova Ukraine

today, 11:50

Ukrainian singer MELOVIN said that he don’t like about yourself. He told about it in interview to journalists of TV channel “Ukraine”, reports Politeka.

In 2017 MELOVIN became a favorite of the singer Andrei Danilko, who supported him during the national selection of the Eurovision song contest. Now the career of an artist comes up, he writes songs and travels to performances across the country.

Recently, the artist participated in the recording of the Christmas show, “Hello, 20th”. Behind the scenes he said that he is now trying to quit Smoking.

"Таблетки не помогают...": фаворит Сердючки попал в капкан пагубной зависимости, справиться невозможно

Melovin, a member of the Eurovision and X-factor

MELOVIN recognized that in order to quit Smoking, he has tried pills and patches that it does not help. In addition, he has tried to overcome addiction using the advice of friends.

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So, the singer drank kefir and milk, and then smoked. However, this method did not help him get rid of the habit.

The artist believes that he needs do you really want to quit Smoking and then he will take care of itself. He is convinced that such a day in his life will surely come.

We will remind, Danilko suddenly became bad in the eyes of the public.

As reported Know. ua Serduchka loudly returned, even for Danilko surprise.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the speech of party “X-factor” confused Danilko.

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