The planet begins to relive

La planète commence à revivre

Our team has selected the best pictures taken in the last few days to illustrate how the life starts slowly in its course to the four corners of the globe, despite the COVID-19.

United States

Two astronauts en route to space

Propelled by a rocket from the private company SpaceX, two NASA astronauts have finally left Florida on Saturday to slip right into the space, under the eyes of tens of thousands of people along the beaches that are located near the Kennedy space center, an hour from Orlando.

In 10 minutes, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are found to be 200 km above the oceans, travelling at almost 20 times the speed of sound, in the direction of the international space Station (ISS) that they should reach on Sunday if all goes well.

“It is a dream become a reality, I do not think that this would happen one day “, said this week Elon Musk, the founder of the company SpaceX, which has suffered several failures since its foundation in 2002, in California.

After nine years of interruption, this space mission could offer to America a new means of transport to space, since the Americans will depend more Russians to go there.

Travel from Florida should become a more regular feature.

Since 2011, vessels soviet Soyuz were the only taxis space available.

SpaceX also aims to make travel of the passengers private in orbit, or even in the ISS, may-be next year.


The attacker Timo Werner (right) celebrates the fourth goal of the soccer team of Leipzig, Germany, mode, distancing physical with his team-mate Kevin Kampl.

United States

An American sends a finger at a convoy carrying the president of the United States Donald Trump to his golf club Virginia.


Specialized vehicles are in the process of tidying up the road to the side of the mountain connecting the cities of Setesdal and Sirdal, in the south-west of Norway.

United States

The couple and duo of skate formed by Anastasiia Bogoslova and Pavel Bahaslou did a performance for a promotional video in the middle of the Nevada desert. Since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, the artists of Las Vegas have had to turn to the virtual world to continue to entertain people and keep fit.


This restaurant in Paris has developed these bubbles of plexiglas protective order that people can eat together, despite the pandemic of COVID-19.

United States

The two legends of sport Phil Mickelson (golf) and Tom Brady (football) have played together on the green of Florida, in the pouring rain, during a tournament to raise funds to combat the COVID-19.


The para-athlete Pauline Deroulède stretches for his training session of tennis, which is now possible thanks to the déconfinement in France.


A nurse wearing protective gear against the COVID-19 filming with his tablet this baby English born prematurely in order to send the video to her parents, who may not be on his side, because the visiting hours are limited.

United States

Protesters rejoice in looking to burn a police station in the city of Minneapolis, after riots arising from the death of the Afro-American George Floyd, which occurred last Monday. This death caused by a white policeman has reignited racial tensions that have shaken regularly in the United States.

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