The planet Saturn has set a new record in the Solar system

Saturn is now 82 famous satellite, which was larger than Jupiter

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Планета Сатурн установила новый рекорд в Солнечной системе

Saturn can be rightly called the “king of moons”

A team of scientists led by the astronomer of the Carnegie institution for science Scott Sheppard have discovered 20 new satellites in orbit around Saturn, bringing the total number of them that the planet has reached 82. Thus, Saturn has the record for the number of satellites, ahead of Jupiter, which they “only” 79. Planet with rings can rightly be called the “king of moons” in the Solar system.

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These natural satellites have not been previously detected due to their small size. Each of them has a diameter of about 5 kilometers. Most of them revolve around a ring planet in the direction opposite to the rotation (retrograde), and only three orbits of the satellites are arranged in reverse direction (programnoe).

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“The study of the orbits of these moons can reveal their origin, as well as information about the conditions surrounding the Saturn during its formation,” said the Carnegie institution for science.

Планета Сатурн установила новый рекорд в Солнечной системе

Red rings shows the orbital trajectories of 20 recently discovered moons

The team was able to capture the satellites with a telescope Subaru in Hawaii. An impressive number of satellites of Saturn does not mean that Jupiter lost the lead. Researchers in 2018, announced the opening of 12 new satellites around Jupiter. Probably, they are hiding even more, and “fight” for the crown will continue.

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Previously, the Carnegie Institute sponsored a competition to name some of the moons of Jupiter. Now will follow a similar contest to come up with suitable names for the new moons of Saturn. According to the rules of natural satellites of the Solar system should be named after gods from Inuit, Gallic and Norwegian mythology.

We will remind that earlier on Saturn’s moon found the source of life. Also, scientists have previously theorized that one of Saturn’s moons may be habitable.

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