The plastic bags are chargeable in Japan

Les sacs plastiques sont devenus payants au Japon

The shops in Japan started Wednesday to charge for plastic bags, under a legislative reform came into force and aimed at curbing the immoderate love of the inhabitants of the country to these environmentally unfriendly packaging.

Stores like the ” konbini “, convenience stores are ubiquitous in the country, are free to set the price of their choice for these bags. Also their price is symbolic, turning around 3 yen (less than 3 euro cents).

“There are many problems now, such as the environment and global warming. Each of us should be more aware of these issues and that is why I took my shopping bag “, told AFP Yoshimi Soeda, 66 years old, in front of a store in Tokyo.

“I’m worried about. I want the bags and containers for foods in plastic should be replaced by something more respectful of the environment, even if it is without a doubt not easy, ” she added.

Many municipalities in Japan require a sort of scrutiny (plastic, cans, paper, etc), but the major part of household waste including plastic is, however, incinerated, a process that producer of greenhouse gas emissions.

Lunch box disposable, bananas or even prunes individually wrapped, packaging double: the country of the customer king, the refusal of a lid on his coffee, or a small bag to protect a food already in plastic raises the most often astonishment.

In 2018, the government has, however, unveiled a goal to reduce by a quarter by 2030 from its annual production of plastic waste, which was 9.4 million tonnes.

Japan is the world’s second largest producer of plastic waste per capita after the United States, according to the united Nations.

The introduction of a payment generalized for the bags was “to encourage people to think twice before you decide if the bag is really necessary and to review their mode of life,” said the government.

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