The platform managers should calm down

The platform managers should calm down

How not to be behind François Legault in these troubled times? The pandemic commands citizens to forget their personal states of mind, their political differences and their impulsiveness to systematically criticize all the decisions made by those who, however imperfect they may be, embody the authority of the State.

Nothing is normal since the appearance of this deadly virus forced us to break with our former lives, when we were happy without knowing it.

Worse, we have the impression of sinking further, bordering on discouragement for many. Especially among many Quebecers who have no more time to waste, because they find themselves in the count of their age. For their part, adolescents have the real feeling of being robbed of their youth, that period between childhood and adulthood when anything seems possible. “This age between two ages when the heart turns towards I know not what Asia”, as our teachers repeated to us in the last century.

Reassuring words

From the start, François Legault has succeeded in reassuring the population. He chose not to impose his directives, but to encourage Quebecers to respect them. In front of the excesses, he persisted in refusing the authoritarian path that many demanded.

He publicly admitted certain errors in his handling of the crisis. And above all, he personally apologized for the disaster in the CHSLDs, a legacy of irresponsible, even criminal policies from politicians of all parties who have ruled Quebec for decades.

The current situation is very worrying. François Legault did not hesitate on Wednesday to criticize Prime Minister Trudeau about his responsibility for the current delay in the distribution of vaccines, the only real hope of ending COVID-19.

All Quebec officials are concerned about the number of citizens who have become admirers of Trump or anti-mask and anti-vaccine conspiracy activists who deny the very existence of the virus and who represent more than 20% of the population.

These social destabilizers, who again demonstrated in front of the National Assembly during the holidays and who must have applauded the attempted insurrection on the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday, are fond of criticism of all kinds against the Legault government.

Burnt heads

This is why, in this acute phase of the pandemic with a curfew as a bonus, the platform managers should restrict their rants against the CAQ government. Let them know that they are becoming, in a way, objective allies of the hotheads who vibrated in front of the images of the Capitol.

François Legault needs the fervent support of the majority of Quebecers to thwart these “libertarians” believing themselves to be invested with a simple mission: to challenge the curfew that begins today by still spreading their apocalyptic theories fed by their anxieties and hatred of others.

Among these people, we find cursed crusaders who only have the word freedom in their mouths. However, freedom has demands. The path that leads there is made of respect for others and the constraints without which a society is ungovernable.

François Legault, with the gravity that inhabits him, helps us in a way to hope. Many peoples have not had this chance. Our American neighbors first and foremost.

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