The pleasure of painting a huge ice cream

Dozens of children from Stanstead’s two elementary schools earned a special privilege at Pat-Burns Arena on Friday. Armed with brushes and cans of paint, they were able to paint the ice of the arena as they saw fit.

C ette activity out of the ordinary was organized by the Stanstead College, who was closely involved in the construction project of the Pat Burns arena a few years ago.

Deputy Director of Development at Stanstead College, Logan Vanasse is the one who proposed the holding of this activity. He was inspired by teams from the National Hockey League, including the Montreal Canadiens, who repeat this type of event every year.

“I thought it was a great activity,” says Vanasse. In addition, it’s really interesting to do something similar to the Pat-Burns arena because, in the College, we want to intensify our relationship with the community and that, precisely, the construction of this place is the result of a partnership between our school and the Stanstead community. ”

” I like art. And what’s more fun is that you can draw pictures anywhere on the rink. ”
– Maude Tremblay-Côté

A fifth-year student at Jardins-des-frontières school, Maude Tremblay-Côté seemed delighted to paint on the ice at Pat-Burns Arena. ” I like art. And what’s more fun is that you can draw anywhere on the ice, “she said.

Mother of two children who took part in the activity, Josiane Samson welcomed the initiative. “I find it interesting for two reasons: there is an artistic side and it attracts young people to the arena of our municipality,” she said.

There is every reason to believe that Stanstead College will once again invite young people to come and perform their artistic skills at the Pat-Burns Arena next year, shortly before the ice disappears for the summer.

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