The police break the party in Mont-Tremblant

The police have played the spoilers, the last week in Mont-Tremblant, when they have put an end to a party with a lot of people from as far away as Ottawa and New York.

This is a 911 call made last Wednesday, around 17 h, which has led the police up to this birthday party on the outskirts of mont-Tremblant ski resort, which provided a “music excessive.”

Upon their arrival on the scene, the patrol found that the organizers of the event had put the package to impress the guests: a giant screen, disc jockey, streamers and balloons.

“The guests were coming in and out of the residence as they please. The police have also found that the number of guests made the distance of two meters between each person impossible to meet”, said in a statement that the agent Eric Cadotte, spokesman of the police of Mont-Tremblant.

In total, 12 reports of offences-general have been distributed to people for “disobeying the order of the department of public health does not gather”.

Among them, there were people from Montreal, the north shore, South Shore, Ottawa and New York.

This intervention took place two days before the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, authorizes the raising of 10 people, from a maximum of three different families.

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