The police deploys a wide man-hunt to find Martin Carpentier

La police déploie une vaste chasse à l’homme pour retrouver Martin Carpentier

On foot, on horseback, by BIKE, by car ; it is a deployment of police special that was made in Saint-Apollinaire, since Saturday, the scene of a huge man-hunt to find Martin Carpentier.

On day 3 of Amber alert, the research was initiated early in the morning. Dozens of police and volunteers, with the support of a helicopter of the armed Forces, ratissaient the forested areas at the border of the municipalities of Saint-Apollinaire and Saint-Agapit, on the South Shore of Quebec city.

It is to the west of highway 273 in a wooded area along the rang Saint-Lazare, a first body, that of Norah, 11 years old, was found shortly before noon. Then, a few tens of minutes later, the mortal remains of his sister, Romy, 6 years old, has been located not far from there.

Man hunt

The Amber alert, the longest in Quebec’s history has been lifted as soon as the discoveries.

The rescue operation was quickly left place to an intense man-hunt to locate Martin Carpentier, a painter of Levis with no history of the judiciary.


Martin Carpentier

  • 44 years old
  • Levis
  • 1.78 m / 5’1’- 59 kg / 130 lbs
  • Wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans, can be glasses.

To 13 pm, three police cars were involved at full speed in the rang Saint-Lazare, followed by the helicopter of the armed Forces. The action was repeated by other patrol units, as well as the area between the rows Saint-Lazare and Boisjoly was police.

“Cross out your doors!” have summoned police officers to residents in order to avoid that the fugitive 44-year-old is hiding in a residence.

If the body had been found west of the 273, Carpentier would have crossed the busy road to get to the east of it. The scope of interest has quickly been confined to the mouths of a quadrilateral defined by the two ranks, the road to Ormière and road 273.

Forest roads

The sector, at the heart of which lies a wooded area in a relatively dense, criss-crossed by many forest roads, which bustled in the mass of curious. They were still more volunteers to rake the dirt roads.

On the hour of the supper, a citizen doing the watchtower believed to have seen Martin Carpentier in the perimeter. The police have used drones to try to locate it.

It was in the end a report is not founded.

The police research were to be continued during the night and continue today.

Chronology of events


  • 20: 15

The two girls and the father are going to pick up an ice cream. They are previews for the last time to 20: 30 near a convenience store in Saint-Nicolas.

  • 21: 30

Accident of the vehicle by Martin Carpentier on highway 20, at the height of Saint-Apollinaire. An ice cream half-melted is found. The arrival of relief, the cabin is empty.


  • 15 h

An Amber alert is triggered. Of air and ground searches were held in Saint-Apollinaire.


  • 1 h

Cries of distress, like those of a child were heard in the area of the rue Veilleux. The police did research.


  • Between 11 h 30 and 13 h

The dead bodies of two girls were found in a wooded area to the west of highway 273. The Amber alert comes to an end. The man-hunt begins.

  • To 14 h

The police limited their operations in a rural area to the east of highway 273. Roads are closed and teams are sinking into the wood.

  • To 18 h

The police officers are going door-to-door in the quadrilateral.

  • From 18: 30

Witnesses and police officers claim to see or hear of the fugitive, but without the locate. A drone was even used to try to find it.

  • Late on Saturday night, Martin Carpentier was still on the run.
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