The police have to react, said a sergeant of quebec to Minneapolis

Les policiers doivent réagir, dit un sergent québécois à Minneapolis

The silence in the police services, is harmful, writes a sergeant in the quebec police Department of Minneapolis.

In the heart of a scandal that directly involves his colleagues, Deitan Dubuc takes the floor to denounce the situation.

Four police officers have made an arrest during which one of them put his knee on the neck of George Floyd, a suspect black tackled to the ground, for long minutes. The arrest resulted in his death.

“I can tell you that what I’ve seen, on video, it was… really heart me fell. I get chills throughout the whole body,” he says, noting that it is his opinion and not that of his employer.

Supervisor for four years, and also teacher, he said he is “very, very, very disappointed”.

Deitan Dubuc deplores the fact that the police are hesitant to share their opinions of blunders by the police. “The problem is that you can not talk to the police station, this is not well seen.”

“People need to hear the police say that they, too, have been disappointed and have had difficulty. Often, the police are afraid to say they don’t agree with what happened,” says one who has long evolved in the canadian football League.

He disapproves of the actions of the four police officers who proceeded to the arrest of George Floyd and led to his death. “In all professions, there are bad apples. The police, it is the same thing.”

The sergeant says, however, that the police service of Minneapolis has at its head the his first black chief in 150 years, Medaria Arradondo, and that efforts are being made to improve relations with black communities. “It is really different in the United States. We are working very hard to change the culture,” he says.

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