The police of the COVID-19 is tolerant and sometimes confusing

La police de la COVID-19 est tolérante et parfois confuse ​

Police of Longueuil has chosen the approach is conciliatory to apply the rules of public health regarding the COVID-19 in public places and the homes of its suburbs.

But because of the recent changes in government rules, the agents are sometimes a little confused in their interventions.

A day spent with two patrol boats of the police Service of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil (SPAL) are assigned to calls COVID, we found that they preferred the awareness of the findings salty 1546 $.

“It is not in the suppression of all. Instead, a lot of awareness, ” said agent Martin Giroux, in an interview.

During the day, we attended five presentations, three in parks, one in a restaurant and another in a shopping mall. No determination has been dispatched.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the SPAL has issued 148 of these observations are that hurt the wallet. It is quite a contrast compared to Montreal, where the police has awarded the 2841 up to now.

Relaxed atmosphere

This Thursday morning sunny and cool, the walkers and the families began to arrive in the parc Michel-Chartrand, in the heart of Longueuil, to take advantage of the beautiful day.

Many were preparing to break the crust. The atmosphere was relaxed and the police did nothing to mess things up.

The rule of the gatherings of 10 people maximum seems to be well understood in the park.

But one of the three families by gathering the is much less, and this, even for the agents.

In reality, this rule is a “recommendation” of public health in quebec and not an obligation for citizens.

Even the two patrol boats that we have accompanied them have had to make some checks before you can be sure of this distinction.

Anyway, for our agents, the context of their interventions is more important than the application of the rules.

Water in his wine

At a picnic table in the park, four ladies are seated and share a meal of sandwiches, egg and chicken salad purchased at the supermarket. The atmosphere is lively, the mood is good, but the rule of the two meters is not really respected (see other text).

The two police officers engaged in conversation with them, but have decided not to intervene.

“It has been so difficult for the seniors to be isolated. It is necessary to put a little water in his wine “, and he illustrated the officer Giroux.

There is also confusion as to the playgrounds. The ban on the play areas has been lifted everywhere in Quebec, but it is the municipalities that decide its application.

Believing the ban was already completed, our team of police officers has had to change his mind after the audit, since this is not always the case in Longueuil.

The complaints about the COVID-19 are recently increased from 60 to 100 per day to a dozen.

Five examples of intervention

Tailgate at Tim hortons

This is not the first time that the police intervened in the parking lot of the Tim Hortons boulevard Roland-Therrien, Longueuil, québec, for a complaint of non-compliance of the distancing connected to the COVID-19.

The narrow strip of grass which borders the parking seems to be a place of regular appointment for motorcyclists in the flower of age who jasent of things and others under the trees. A sort of tailgate party at Tim Hortons.

Upon our arrival, many have pulled back a little to observe the two-metre regulations.

The agents Giroux (left) and Dufour have found that there was no apparent violation, were discussed a bit with the motorcycle and drove off.

Finally the sun

Talk tables for a picnic at parc Michel-Chartrand, these four ladies were happy to find themselves under the warm rays of the sun.

They were fitted with masks for the output, they were not all as they shared a modest meal of sandwiches.

When the two officers arrived, the laughter and the jokes flowed. We can not say that the two meters were observed. The agents have shared their good mood and happy to wish them a good day.

In reality, both of these ladies lived alone and they were accompanied by volunteers, which allowed them a rare outing in pleasant company.

Teens at the park

The appeal complaint was about a group of twenty teenagers who do not follow the rules of detachment in a park in Boucherville. After having searched for a few moments, we found instead a group of six teenage girls wearing t-shirts of soccer, who were gathered together in a circle under a tree, with bicycles in the grass a few steps of them.

In the distance, we saw that they put a little distance between them to comply with the rule, because of the arrival of the agents.

Little timid in the face of police officers, the girls made a few jokes with them, and, as there was no breach, there has been no action on the complaint.

The mask or not ?

Restaurateurs who take a counter for preparing food are they forced to wear a mask in these times of pandemic, according to the rules of the public health ? The answer is no.

This is the kind of questions that you must answer the police officers assigned to calls relating to the COVID-19. Following a complaint, agents Giroux (right) and Dufour visited a restaurant Basha of chemin Chambly in Longueuil, quebec.

En route, they are informed about the rules to be followed in the restaurants. Once on site, the restaurant owner, a bit outraged, showed them his hands all white to prove to them that he did not stop to wash their hands.

Case closed.

Friends on the grass

Six friends, accompanied by two children shared very clearly the happiness to be together on the good green grass of the parc Michel-Chartrand. Some of them lived outside of the city and the group was contrary to the recommendation come from a maximum of three different families.

Once briefed on the situation and after having clarified the rule of the three families, recommended, but not mandatory, the agents Giroux (left) and Dufour have decided not to serve warning. Anyway, the group was in compliance with clearly, and with good will, the rule of two meters aloofness.

Hard containment for families

The containment caused by the coronavirus, has been difficult for the families.

Responding to calls, police were able to see that the tension had exceeded the bounds in some homes.

“Few people were prepared to live with one another for a long period like that. Few people knew what it was. Ourselves, we never knew, ” said the agent, Christian-David Dufour, of the police Service of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil (SPAL), in an interview.

La police de la COVID-19 est tolérante et parfois confuse ​

Photo Ben PelosseChristian-David Dufour
Police officer

“[Due to the containment], we had to learn on us, he continued, we had to learn to manage themselves, to find entertainment. It is complicated for many people. We don’t all have the same means, it comes not all from the same environment. “

Spousal Violence,violence between adolescents and parents, the police had to intervene to attempt to control the clashes. At SPAL, we have seen an increase in calls, but that is still difficult to quantify for the moment.

Deprived of their friends and out of the house, some teens have reacted badly, noted the officer Dufour. “For them, the family life can be difficult to bear. “

Blended families, called to live under the same roof, where the authority was poorly accepted, have also been proven. They had to adjust overnight to a dynamic that was unknown.

“Relief group “

Fortunately, with the déconfinement, the tensions seem to have decreased.

“There is already a species of relief, collective and it feels already in our response. People are less stressed, less anxious, ” said the agent.

In his opinion, this period we will be taught lessons. “We will realize that our freedoms are precious, and have the right to move around as one wants, freely, without having to account to anyone of the destination, that is important. “

“This freedom, he added, is precious also for our mental and physical health and for the stability of family life. “

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