The police officer involved in the arrest of George Floyd was arrested

Le policier impliqué dans l’arrestation de George Floyd arrêté

The police officer involved in the arrest of George Floyd was arrested, confirmed the senator of Minnesota Amy Klobuchar on Friday.

The four officers involved in the tragedy had already been dismissed and investigations, federal and local have been opened in order to establish their responsibilities.

Thousands of people are calling for justice after the death of George Floyd, an African-American 46-year-old who, according to a video became viral, seems to have been asphyxiated Monday night by a police officer during an interpellation muscled.

The national guard was deployed Thursday in the city of Minneapolis to try to restore calm after a third night of riots.

In military vehicles, the soldiers were attempting to establish a security perimeter around a police station set on fire in the night. Thirty shops were also looted in the city of Minnesota under high tension since the death on Monday night, George Floyd, during an interpellation muscled.

President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly criticised a crime “tragic,” and asked for a quick survey, took this time to “thugs”. “The looting will be immediately greeted by bullets”, he added in a tweet, as the social network has decided to report it as a “glorification of violence”.

More details to come.

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