The popular app has infected 100 million smartphones

App CamScanner, available since 2010, started to install malware

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Популярное приложение заразило 100 миллионов смартфонов

App CamScanner has been infecting Android smartphones users

Google has determined that the popular Android app CamScanner PDF creator transparent to users installed virus. The search giant has responded to the mass complaints and removed a dangerous application which to date, installed on 100 million smartphones around the world, some of which was infected with malware, ZDNet reports,

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App CamScanner has been developed by the Shanghai CC company Intelligence. The company specializiruetsya on optical character recognition. In addition to the CamScanner with OCR capability, it sells applications that scans and digitizes text from business cards, including CamCard and CamCard for Salesforce.

Популярное приложение заразило 100 миллионов смартфонов

App CamScanner PDF creator were originally designed with a good purpose – to recognize the text

The company relied on advertising and internal in-app purchase to get income from CamScanner. However, according to researchers from antivirus company Kaspersky, latest version of the app included new advertising library, which contained a virus designed to deliver malware on Android devices. Security experts note that “malicious code may show hype and sign users to the paid subscription”.

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Currently, the app is not available in the Google Play store, with the corresponding iOS version is still available in the Apple App store – iPhone also remain at risk.

“We can assume that the reason for adding this malware became a partnership application developers with unscrupulous advertiser”, the researchers said Igor Golovin and Anton Kivva.

Earlier, Android users had downloaded a virus from Google Play under the guise of the game. And recently, experts have found that Chinese Android smartphones are teeming with viruses out of the box.

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