The popular show “the Voice. Children-5” has got a new coach: who took the judgment seat

Популярное шоу "Голос. Діти-5" получило нового тренера: кто занял судейское кресло

On the day of the Grand Grand final “the Voice of the country-9” became known not only the name of the winner of the project, but the person who will become the new coach of “the Voice. Children-5”. She was a popular singer Jamal.

Ukrainian artist and young mother Jamal was in the audience and told fans the happy news that will take the place of the third coach of “the Voice. Children-5” on TV channel “1+1”.

“Despite the external similarity of the “Voice of the country” that “Voice. Diti”, I see them as completely different projects. For example, in “Voice. Diti” is not important many professional aspects, which greatly influence the choice in the adult. For the kids we will be more mentors, we will share our knowledge and skills to the end of the show they appeared before the public matured and got stronger as vocalists. Very many prevents excitement, and coaches also passed this state. So we want to provide them maximum support,” – said Jamal.

In the super final of the contest “the voice of the country” were not only participants but also the trainers of the project, as well as other famous artists – Olya Polyakova, Boombox and HARDKISS.

So, in addition to Jamala in the coaches of “the Voice. Children-5” included soloists of the group “Time and glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive, as well as the idol of children Jiji.

Earlier it was reported that on Sunday, April 21, in addition to the election was also held the final of the project “the Voice Krainy”. In the Grand final competed with four coaches and four of the performer: Victoria Oleynik, Andrew Hyatt, Karina Arsentyeva and Oksana Mukha. The result of the vote won by ward Dan Balan — Oksana Mukha.

The last song performed by Oksana Mukha was the song “Where are you now”, Kvitka Cisyk.

Recall the finale of “the voice of the country” disappointed fans.

As reported Know. ua, thinner Potap came for the award “Gold Heat-Ptica” in a stylish way.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Carol was horrified by the bad taste in the tiger outfit.


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