The port of the mask and the election campaign

Le port du masque et la campagne électorale

Even yesterday, on the airwaves of the ABC network, Deborah Birx repeated what point the port of the mask is crucial, especially if you may not practice social distancing.

Dr. Birx, who coordinates the working group on the coronavirus to the White House, was concerned mainly with the collections in this Monday, Memorial Day. A bit like this was the case here, we proceed to the déconfinement a bit throughout the United States and people tend to relax a little, or a lot of the measures presented by the public health officials.

If we understand that, after weeks of confinement while the world have needed to escape for a bit and reconnect with his family, the epidemic of COVID-19 is not yet behind us, and Dr. Birx wished to recall the importance of the mask for everyone, including those who have no symptoms but can still transmit the virus.

Not only the public health officials must deal with the psychological tiredness of many and the propaganda of the conspiracy theorists, but the last few weeks that they are despite themselves, embroiled in the political sparring.

Increasingly, we associate the port of the mask, the containment and distancing the democrats. I have already highlighted the very different approach of several governors republicans who have been slow to put measures in place before the fast rise. That the virus had won their States later does not change anything. The governor of Arkansas said yesterday that he was taking the threat seriously, but that it was not a question of if encabaner.

During this time, governors-democrats find themselves before the courts when they wish to extend the containment measures. As I mentioned last week, the courts of the States provide for the time of responses, but it happens, as was the case in Michigan, that the opponents of the containment won a victory.

The clash between the approaches of republican and democrat cannot be more evident than in the behavior of the two opponents in the presidential election of 2020.

Donald Trump does not sin by excess of empathy towards victims, he wants to déconfiner quickly, despising the tags of his own administration, he was strongly opposed to the wearing of the mask, and he prepares to multiply the outputs of the public.

On his side, as suggested by experts of the public health, Joe Biden is confined to his home and the headquarters of his campaign is isolated. Everything is done from his basement.

If everything is subject to recovery during an election campaign, I can only deplore that the worst health crisis that has been facing the United States can be managed based on the interests in an election. Fortunately, a few voices were raised to point out the risk of slippages.

This is the case of the republican governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine. Of appearance on the show Meet the Press yesterday morning, he brought the issue of wearing a mask on the carpet, insisting on the need to protect the other.

DeWine has been very aggressive at the beginning of the epidemic, and if it does not go so far as to require the wearing of masks in the shops of his State (he had done it before changing your mind), it strongly suggests.

We can not exclude the possibility that DeWine adapts its position to the various polls that indicate that Americans are generally favorable to the port of the mask. According to a recent survey from the Associated Press, the voters, democrats say wearing a mask in a proportion of 76%, and 59% of republican voters would.

The public health authorities, a bit stuck between the positions of the two parties, can only rejoice in the figures of the survey. If the containment is at the heart of a legal battle and political in several States, a measure as simple and inexpensive as wearing a mask should go without saying. The gains far outweigh the small irritants that accompany this measurement.

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