The Poulin de Courval Outfitter stays the course

Poulin de Courval Outfitter stays the course


LAKE POULIN DE COURVAL | Located in the heart of Monts-Valin, Pourvoirie Poulin de Courval has survived the ages in a beautiful way thanks to Renaud Lacasse and his team. Quality fishing, exceptional comfort, unparalleled service, it's all there.

“We want to maintain the quality of services for amateurs and quality fishing throughout the season,” explained owner Renaud Lacasse. We are fortunate to have an exceptional territory, in the heart of one of the largest native speckled trout pools in Quebec. We must never forget this and always bear in mind that the slightest error can harm nature. »

All of the outfitter's facilities, i.e. 11 cabins and the dining room, which can accommodate 46 anglers, are located on the shores of the large Lac Poulin de Courval, the heart of the outfitter. This immense body of water is home to magnificent speckled trout which, more often than not, defend their skin dearly. During our visit, we managed to thwart specimens in the company of guide Olivier Lavoie who took us to his favorite “spots”. A spinning rod, a 4 inch Toronto Wobbler, silver and copper, with an 18-24 inch leader, a big fat worm, and voila. 

Our guide, Olivier, was proud of this beautiful trout weighing more than a pound caught in the waters of the large Lac Poulin de Courval.

I was reliving moments that I had experienced at the very beginning of my career. In the 1970s, I regularly visited this territory. My fishing adventures there have been memorable. Thanks to Renaud and his team, made up of his wife Marie-Ève ​​Sénéchal and his children, Rose, Béatrice and Félix, I had the impression of finding the same site. 

The owner Renaud Lacasse tells you invites you to discover its outfitter, which will now be open 12 months a year.


Admittedly, it has been brought up to date, with European and American level services that are among the best organized in the field of outfitting. For your comfort, the chalets are equipped with electricity, hot water, wood or electric heating and bedding. By the way, if you choose the American plan, in the dining room you will enjoy excellent meals.

One of the things that has not changed is the “freighter” type boats that are still used on the big lake.

“These boats are needed. Lac Poulin de Courval is very large and if the wind or bad weather shocks it, you can find yourself in the middle of impressive waves, explains Renaud. These boats are long, wide and very stable, which ensures the comfort of fishermen at all times. They are easy to drive. »

This image proves beyond any doubt the quality of the site of the outfitter.

Having had the chance to fish very often in the Far North of Quebec, this type of boat has always been used to tackle large bodies of water.

Throughout the territory, there are smaller lakes that contain very beautiful specimens. We can think of trout over four pounds, for some. “I jealously protect all the small lakes of the outfitter. In some cases, the number of catches must be reduced, while in others, anglers can catch a good amount of trout. In total, we have 56 lakes, including Le Poulin, over the 128 kilometers of the outfitter, which has exclusive rights. We are truly able to offer anglers what they are looking for. »


Winter sports enthusiasts can now count on some very interesting experiences.

“We want to develop off-trail snowmobile packages that will be available this winter. We must not forget that in the Monts-Valin, more than 25 feet of snow falls annually in winter. This is truly the kingdom for off-road enthusiasts. We also want to develop ice fishing activities, snowshoe trails, fat bikes, and more. We want to provide a complete winter adventure at home. » 

To be able to offer these new adventures, very significant work will be needed on the outfitter.

“As you have seen, all the materials have arrived to get the work started. It will start in the coming days. We will insulate all our chalets and install running water, which will be available in winter. There will be a micro power plant and heating will be done with wood furnaces that will heat glycol to provide heat for everyone. We will also develop ice fishing facilities at various small lakes. In the shelter, there will be all the facilities to allow people to have a great adventure, including wood heating. Really, our outfitter will become an essential winter destination on Monts-Valin. »

So, if you want to live a memorable fishing adventure, in the comfort of the cabins, enjoy the cuisine and discover the Monts-Valin in winter, you have no choice. You have to go to Pourvoirie Poulin de Courval. To find out more about costs and availability, you can call the outfitter directly at 418 690-4096, or email There is also the website at: