The PQ disputes the transfer of seniors to CHSLDs

The PQ disputes the transfer of a & icirc; n & eacute; s to CHSLDs

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The Parti Québécois is indignant that we are preparing to repeat the same mistakes again by overloading CHSLDs by transferring users from hospitals to them.

The deputy for Duplessis and spokesperson for the Parti Québécois pour les Seniors, Lorraine Richard, strongly opposes the fact that health establishments overwhelmed by cases of COVID-19 are transferring third-aged patients to CHSLDs.

She regrets that the lessons of the first wave were not learned. “It seems the government has not learned a lesson from the first wave at all. We make the same mistakes again by overloading the CHSLDs, as if we had not seen the consequences of such a decision! ”She protested.

The PQ member wonders if the CHSLDs are able to provide the level of care required by these seniors. “There is a risk of overloading resources and putting the quality of care for other seniors in the same establishment at risk”, exclaims the member.

Explanations required

Ms. Richard demands that all light be shed on what led to this decision. According to her, it would be greatly surprising if the CISSS did not obtain an endorsement from the Ministry of Health.

“The government absolutely needs to explain this directive. Seniors should not, once again, bear the brunt of the mismanagement of the pandemic, ”concludes the MP for Duplessis.

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