The PQ wants to confront the CAQ on the defense of the nation

The PQ wants to confront the CAQ on the defense of the nation

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The Parti Québécois will be the real opponent of the CAQ to defend the Quebec nation, while the liberals and solidarity will cross swords in the field of multiculturalism, believes the PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

With less than a year before the elections, René Lévesque's party will present itself in a new light, Saturday, in Trois-Rivières, on the occasion of a policy convention.

A new logo will be unveiled to members, as well as a new slogan: “Changeons d'avenir”.

PSPP refuses to be demoralized by the polls, which place its political formation far behind the CAQ. & Nbsp;

“I am here to stay and the PQ will make gains in the next election!” »He launches in an interview.

The substantive questions

According to him, since the domination of François Legault's troops is largely attributable to the pandemic, the next few months will finally allow the PQ to debate substantive issues in the public space.

What the Caquists are proposing is a “defeatist” future, he says. Supporting François Legault means agreeing to the decline of the French language, Quebec culture and Quebec's place internationally, insists the sovereignist leader.

Curb the decline from French

Among the proposals that will be debated on Saturday, there is the granting of funding to English-speaking CEGEPs and universities that reflects the demographic weight of the historic English-speaking minority, the application of Bill 101 to CEGEPs and the obligation for immigrants to know French before their arrival.

Strong measures that would finally stop the decline of French, believes PSPP. He also suggests doubling the number of general Quebec delegations around the world.

“We are unique on many fundamental issues for Quebecers. The CAQ does not succeed in delivering. We are unique in terms of independence and relations with the federal government, in French, in the environment, in childcare centers, unique in our place internationally, in culture. »

Would the disappearance of the sovereignist movement serve the interests of the Prime Minister? “I cannot presume the intentions of François Legault, but I must admit that the CAQ was, for a coalition which is supposed to tolerate both federalist and independentist ideas, particularly contemptuous and aggressive towards the idea of ​​independence” , notes the leader of the PQ.

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