The practices of influencers supervised in France

The practices of influencers framed in France


Temporary agreement in the French National Assembly: the deputies unanimously adopted on Thursday a text framing the controversial commercial practices of influencers on social networks, and putting an end to the “law of the jungle”.

At the end of an unusually consensual session in this period of tension around pension reform, the 49 deputies present voted unanimously, at first reading.

Non-explicit paid partnerships, exile taxes or accusations of scams, the pressure is mounting to regulate the influencer market.

In addition to giving a legal definition to influencers, the text will prohibit certain practices, mainly the promotion of cosmetic surgery. In the event of a breach, offenders will incur up to six months in prison and a fine of 300,000 euros.

Promotions of certain risky financial investments, particularly in the field of digital or cryptocurrencies, will be , they too are more strictly regulated.

The promotion of gambling, the cornerstone of the business of certain influencers, is not strictly prohibited, but they will be prohibited from doing so. promote on platforms that do not allow video access to adults to be restricted.

The profession of “influencer agent” who puts them in contact with brands will also be defined and framed.

The text also intends to affect influencers who operate from abroad, such as in Dubai. Those who create their content from outside the EU, Switzerland, or the European Economic Area, will have to take out civil insurance in the EU, to compensate potential victims.

The text must now be considered in the Senate, the upper house of the French Parliament.