“The pre-game of the foodies” : much more than just nachos

«L’avant-match des foodies» : bien plus que des nachos

MONTREAL – Forget the long-standing nachos, poutine, and ribs. In “The pre-game of the foodies”, the host, Patrick Marsolais and chef Martin Juneau marry the pleasures of food and of sport, by reinventing the traditions. Instead, think octopus, Jos Louis, and appetizers Korean…

The original idea for this new show is Patrick Marsolais, who confessed of sport, which has immediately thought of his great friend Martin Juneau to confer credibility culinary at its proposed meeting on television between friends and sports lovers.

That Marsolais was envisioned initially to be a modest appointment where we jaserait just around the barbecue turned into a tv tray large-scale involving a quarantine of the people at the restaurant Pastaga, property of Juneau, on the boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Condensed into a week, the shootings are linked together one after the other, between the kitchen, the counter and a lounge area is recreated in a room adjacent to the Pastaga (with chairs and table pointing to the wall), for dissemination to Peel as soon as September.

Launch octopus

Each of the 12 episodes of 30 minutes, our two friends will be welcoming a guest and talk about their memories of a sport or a sporting city in particular. Martin Juneau will take care of the snacks in concocting recipes of their own around the theme of the day.

“The people who come to see us share a passion for the sport and the food. They do not follow the sports news. It receives good raconteurs, and we love the sport or not, there will always be something to listen to. One does not simply say that the Canadian has played poorly last night,” gliding Patrick Marsolais.

Patrick Marsolais

Half of the episodes of “The pre-game of the foodies” will be organized around a discipline (the baseball with Rodger Brulotte, soccer with Sébastien Benoît, football with Étienne Boulay and basketball with Kevin Raphael) and the other, on the cities of the Association Is the national hockey League (NHL) and their traditions to the game.

For example, the custom of throwing an octopus on the ice during a goal for the Red Wings, at Detroit, will become the pretext for Martin Juneau, to cook the mollusk. A wrestler will come and maybe even take down the octopus. And since the team has long skated at Joe Louis Arena, we would revisit the famous little cake of the same name.

“This is a new approach, says Martin Juneau. It will not show everything. We take for granted that the people who will watch it will already have a basic kitchen. It is not A-B-C ; let us say that it is made to-F!”

Of course, we don’t ignore some of the classics, but Martin Juneau intend to cook in its own sauce. Yes, there will be chicken wings and fried chicken, but we will take them out of their usual barbecue sauce.

“The effect foodies”

Another element that stand out “The pre-game of the foodies” : its a “foodie”, a moment in the kitchen captured by 44 cameras, inspired, you guessed it, the “moment Revolution” of the popular dance competition. The process will magnify the movements of the hands of Martin Juneau, who must pay a particular attention to its maneuvers in the kitchen.

Martin Juneau

“It’s going to give a “wow effect” quite impressive, and it allows us to play with the food as it’s never done otherwise, for the capture and look for the beauty”, promises the latter.

“We enjoy the fact that our director has never worked on a cooking show, to make everyone, except a cooking show. It wants to from left to right, have fun and all will allow,” says Patrick Marsolais, speaking to the supervisor, Maxime Rivet, who had worked with Martin Juneau “99 yearning to escape from New Orleans”, last year.

Finally, with respect to the COVID-19, our men, avoid too close and the passage of the utensils from one hand to the other during the recordings, to comply with the safety instructions.

“To date, I’m not much of a fever”, joke Patrick Marsolais.

“The pre-game of the foodies”, the Wednesday, at 21 h, from the 2nd of September next, to Zest.

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