The prefect of Hérault succeeds in his grand oral in front of the entrepreneurs of the Table Ovale

The prefect of Hérault succeeds in his grand oral in front of the entrepreneurs of the Table Ovale

In the center, the prefect of Hérault did not avoid any subject posed on the Oval Table. JM – JM

The prefect of Hérault succeeds in his grand oral in front of the entrepreneurs of the Table Ovale

Plus de 200 personnes attentives aux échanges. JM – JM

François-Xavier Lauch était invité de la Table Ovale, ce jeudi soir, au Château de Granoupiac, à Saint-André-de-Sangonis.

The exercise was particularly awaited by the Economic Mundillo of the Heart of Hérault. And this Thursday evening, at the Château de Granoupiac in Saint-André-de-Sangonis, the meeting will have fulfilled its promises. Because, in front of an audience full of nearly 200 business leaders and elected officials from the territory, the Prefect of Hérault, François-Xavier Lauch, will have answered directly to a selection of questions popularly asked by members of the Table Ovale, Bernard Bilhac, president of the association, at the head. Northern interchange project in Clermont, creation of an agglomeration merging the three comcoms of the Country, economic functions of Salagou, mobility, Zero net artificialization… So many questions which torment the actors (and inhabitants) of the territory, sometimes for ages, and to which the enlightenment of the representative of the State should, from now on, allow us to see more clearly’ ;hellip;
Selected pieces.

1: The north interchange

On the northern interchange, François-Xavier Lauch, contextualized the project in a department where demographic pressure is enormous "we will still accommodate 300& nbsp;000 people in Hérault by 2050" and therefore the need for significant infrastructure: & quot;this is a fairly omnipresent challenge in the department". On the interchange, "we have obtained a technical agreement, it’s a giant step and it has been long awaited". However, it remains to bring everyone around the table and finance the work even if the State is the manager of the A75. "I have no doubt that all territorial stakeholders will find solutions to launch the operation." For the moment, no timetable but, obviously, "these highway operations are quite long".

2: Waste management

What about the future of waste management when the Soumont landfill site will be closed, in 2031 ? On a theme managed by the Hérault center union, the State representative, recalled the need to control flows, improve sorting and stressed that landfilling is not a solution for the future : & quot;this question is not resolved but other solutions can be found. The debate then opened on waste linked to the construction professions where "the waste item impacts between 8 to 10 % certain construction sites. This means that at the exit, it is the consumer who pays, raised Bernard Bilhac. The prefect dug into the subject, warning des risks of illegal dumping. "Iwe obviously need to support businesses. We must look at this waste but we must also find solutions by moving more towards rehabilitation than construction which has a climatic cost. Overall, we must produce less waste and certain materials must develop" he mentioned in reference to wooden frame construction.

3: Net Zero Artificialization

A source of concern among many elected officials and entrepreneurs, the Zero Net Artificialization law worries supporters of development. "It’is a real Chinese headache for municipalities and mayors and, beyond that, what about the development of small municipalities if, tomorrow, we stop their possibilities for development? rsquo;expansions, if we see schools and services shrinking because we will no longer be able to build ?", raised Bernard Bilhac. François-Xavier Lauch recalled in the preamble "that in terms of adaptation to climate change, one of the most worrying subjects is the urban sprawl of our territories. On land artificialization, we have consumed as much since the post-war period and now as the Middle Ages and the Second World War. If we continue like this, it will be an end to natural spaces, agriculture and biodiversity." He   then underlined the adaptations of a relaxed law (up to one hectare for small municipalities), called for the reconquest of industrial wastelands and specified that certain construction sites of scale and general interest (such as the Com) had come out of the ZAN calculations. Related subject, the development of ZACs must be rethought. "The Grandes ZACs, we should perhaps say that there are enough of them" and their development obviously appears contradictory with "d& ;rsquo;other state policies that I lead, notably the revitalization of city centers…."

4: Towards an Agglomeration?

Qualified as "sensitive" by the prefect, the subject regularly agitates the political landerneau of the heart of Hérault. Would it be relevant, useful, effective to create an agglomeration by merging the three Comcoms of the Country: the Valley, Lodévois and Larzac, and Clermontais. ? Marchant, "on hot coals", the representative of the state will not, however, have avoided the question. "It is certain that a larger intercommunity means more skills, engineering, undoubtedly more means, more contributions for small communes". But he objected that the condition sine qua nonSuch a project resided in the sacred union of the parties engaged in such an approach. A political harmony which does not seem to have been achieved in the Country.

5 : How to develop economic activity in Salagou ?

"We have, in the territory, this jewel, Salagou, which generates very little economic activity. Environmental quality is important to everyone, but isn't it an obstacle to economic development??, asked Bernard Bilhac… François-Xavier Lauch replied that "the elected officials of the sector are keen to preserve this natural space. We need spaces left to nature, even if this was built for irrigation, it turns out that the lake is one of the most preserved areas of the department. Preserving a space does not mean opposing it to economic activity. There will certainly not be a ZAC here, but there are some very close by. On the other hand, there is activity. From the beginning there has been an economic activity: agriculture. Farmers are business leaders. The agricultural value produced in the department is essential. And there is a tourist activity which is developing, which must be limited to what the area can support but which also has an impact on the economy. And I am convinced that having an area like Salagou nearby is a guarantee of attractiveness for your employees!"< /p>

6 Mobility

While the debates and deadlines surrounding the regional candidacy of Serm (Metropolitan Regional Express Services), the question of mobility in the Heart of Hérault was invited into the debates. "In issues related to adaptation to climate change, mobility is a crucial subject", analyzed the state representative. Locally, "we should not dream of the reopening of small train lines. It costs so much, it’s quite out of reach. The credits, massively allocated today, are primarily intended to renovate railway infrastructure which had aged terribly." In this context, the Car project with a high level of service carried by the CCVH within the framework of the PEM seems to hold the rope, which had already been indicated by the former prefect from Hérault, Hugues Moutouh, a few months ago, in our columns. A project which could benefit from dedicated funding routed within the framework of Serm… to be continued.

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