The pregnant woman would be re-emerged without his belly

La femme enceinte serait réapparue sans sa bedaine

Anne Caroline Desplanques

GATINEAU | The young college of the Outaouais accused of having made away with the corpse of her baby sported an advanced pregnancy in may, before fainting in the nature for a few days, according to the confidences of a friend.

“I’ve never seen the baby,” says the Newspaper this friend, who has requested anonymity.

When the accused in the early twenties to the surface again, she no longer had her round belly. The friend, therefore, believed in a miscarriage.

But shortly after the return of the student at the Cégep de l’outaouais at his home in Gatineau, a strong smell would have invaded the apartment she shares with three other young women.

The housemates have thus made a large household, including in the room of the accused, and reportedly threw several bags in the garbage bins behind the building of the boulevard Mont-Blue, in the Hull sector, without worrying about what they contained.

Between 9 and 29 may

This is a neighbor who made the grisly discovery Monday at the rear of the residential building and contacted the police.

The little body was in advanced state of decomposition.

“It’s a little shocking to think that there was a corpse in the apartment,” continues the friend of the accused.

The indictment indicates that the woman would have done away with the remains of his child ” between may 9 and may 29, 2020 “, ” with the intention to conceal the fact that [she] gave him birth.”

The identity of the mother, who has no history of judiciary, the age and sex of the child is the subject of an order of non-publication.

A stuffed toy has been made to the front of the building.

A resident met on-site indicated that there was no hint of such drama.

“It is a building of quiet here. We meet on the stairs and no more. Everyone lives in harmony “, he said, preferring to hide his identity.

A plush toy with sad eyes has been filed in front of the building, was found Wednesday in The Journal. Old mattress and waste littered the ground around trash cans overflowing.

An autopsy will be performed on the body to establish the exact cause of death.

A head of a rare deletion of part

The college of Gatineau is facing two counts, including a very rare ” out of hand “, that is to say, of having made away with the corpse of a child in the intention to conceal that he was given birth.

She has appeared for the first time in video conferencing on Tuesday and will be back before the court next week. The lawyer who is temporarily in charge of the folder, Nathalie Ferland, declined to issue any comment.


One of the recent cases, the most publicized in Quebec to charges of “remove share” goes back to 2015, when Marie-Pier Normand-Lejeune had deposited the body of her newborn in a trash bag in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

La femme enceinte serait réapparue sans sa bedaine

Photo archive
Marie-Pier Normand-Lejeune
Guilty of infanticide

The baby was found by police in a trash can to Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix, a small town close to Alma.

The mother, who was 22 years old at the time of the facts, had been accused of murder in the second degree, a head that is punishable to life imprisonment. She was also facing accusations of contempt of a corpse and removing part.


All these leaders had finally been removed and the woman had pleaded guilty to the chief, less infanticide.

Infanticide is punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of five years. It is distinct from the homicide, as it applies to a mother who causes the death of her new-born while she is in a state of shock post-partum.

Marie-Pier Normand-Lejeune had finally been punished with a sentence of four months imprisonment, in addition to the 30 months that it had already purged in a preventive manner.

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